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Do you LOVE lipstick? Are you a Muslima trying to look for that perfect shade of lipstick for you? Are you worried your lipstick or makeup might affect your prayers and wudu? If so, I pray that this blog post is just what you’ve been looking for Insha Allah. Today I have decided to post The Top Halal Lipstick Brands for 2021.

Long ago, the term “halal” was mainly attributed to food and whether it’s permissible for consumption in accordance with Islamic laws. However, these days, the term “halal” has expanded to encompass numerous aspects of one’s lifestyle – halal makeup, halal cosmetics & skincare, halal nail polish and even halal perfume. There is also a need for halal soaps and shampoos!

Please refer to my blog post – Best halal makeup brands for 2020 for more information and details about halal and haram ingredients, FAQ’s and the difference between vegan and halal products.

Who says Muslim women cant enjoy halal lipstick? On the contrary, as long as it’s not toxic and you are not exposing yourself to non-mahrams. Adding a little colour to your day can contribute to a positive outlook, build confidence and brighten up your whole attitude as well as those around you.

Popular Lipsticks & Lipstick Trends of 2020

You may be surprised to know, that the simple, pink lipstick — complete with a dewy finish versus the modern matte were some of the biggest colour trends of last year. You may have also heard of some of the most popular lipsticks of the year 2020 such as Hourglass ConfessionHuda Beauty Metallic Gloss, which are a collection of Strobing Metallic Lip Glosses, from sheer to full coverage, designed to be worn alone or layered with your favourite lipstick. Or the most sought-after and talked about Christian Louboutin Loubilaque Lip Lacquer, a transformative, dramatic lip lacquer to create brilliant, bold colour with a high-shine finish.

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The intense glassy shine of Loubilaque magnifies the colour on your lips. It comes in 8 shades, ranging from nude to bright hues, including the brand’s iconic Rouge Louboutin shade.

Specially formulated to reflect light, this lip colour takes on a brilliant dimension which makes it perfect for Asian and Arab brides and Muslim bridal photos. Using these types of products on rare & special occasions wouldn’t cause you any harm, however, many sisters would question if it was worth the price for a one-off occasion.

But are these halal brands? No, unfortunately not, however, a good halal alternative is the Isabelle Dupont Kissproof Moisturising Daylong Stay Velvet Matte Lip Cream.

I found that it gives the same effect and quality but may need layering & topping up depending on the natural lip tone and the required occasion you are using it for. If you feel creative, you can even layer it with other below-mentioned halal options to come up with your own prefered look.

Why Use Halal & Safe Lipstick

Well, when you are a practicing Muslima that prays 5 times a day, you don’t want your daily makeup to affect your purity and pre-prayer cleansing ritual (wudu).

When the majority of brands include toxic ingredients, this can become very harmful in the long run if you use/wear them regularly on a daily basis. Not to mention that we as Muslims should avoid commonly used haram ingredients utilized for lipstick pigmentation such as carmine that is technically considered to be a natural ingredient.

Lips deserve special consideration because they’re the door to your mouth leading to your internal organs. You may have heard, at some point, about how much lipstick a woman supposedly ingests in her lifetime. These claims are usually exaggerated and poorly founded. However, it’s true that the majority of what you smear on your lips ends up being ingested. I wouldn’t use lipstick that contains any ingredients that I wouldn’t normally want to eat. And if something is not generally safe or halal to consume, I wouldn’t eat it so why would I wear it?

In addition to this, lips are known to be extra sensitive and absorbent. Lips are covered by a layer of skin that’s much thinner than the skin that covers the rest of the face. Underneath our lips is a sensitive mucous membrane. Lip skin also, obviously, lacks hair & sweat glands, which provide additional defense to the rest of our skin. This in turn leaves the lips more vulnerable to unsafe and haram ingredients.

Lead & Other Heavy Metals in Lipstick

In 2007, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics set off a media storm when they reported that they detected lead in about two-thirds of the 66 lipstick products they tested. Eventually, the FDA followed up with its own studies and found lead in even more lipstick as well as other cosmetic products. Many products were at even higher levels than those originally discovered.

What is lead doing in lipstick? Lead and other “heavy metals” (chromium, cadmium, aluminum, and arsenic) are naturally occurring in the environment, including in the materials used to derive earth-based cosmetic pigments. Also the human use of metals has caused higher levels of contamination in the environment, including sources for cosmetic ingredients. This is why we have heavy metal pollution in our air, water and food supply.

Although it’s widely recognized that there is no such thing as a “safe” level of lead in the body, the FDA’s position is that cosmetic manufacturers can limit the levels of lead in their products so that they don’t pose a health threat. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and others argue that lead exposure is problematic at all levels because lead accumulates in the body over time, and the effects can be very serious for adults and children alike.

We should be concerned about heavy metal pollution in general. Ideally, we should be utilizing water filters and air filters in our homes and limit our intake of foods that tend to contain high levels of these metals. However, in terms of lipstick, there are brands such as Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba, Beautycounter, and Dr. Hauschka that source their ingredients carefully and conduct purity testing but not all their products are halal and, again, some contain ingredients such as Carmine which is haram for Muslims.

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Lipstick Ingredients to Avoid

There are countless worrisome ingredients in many lipstick products. Here are the most common and concerning types of ingredients to look out for as a Muslim:

  • Animal fats and in particular pig fat and gelatine and any animal by-products will not be halal unless derived Islamically such as in the case of halal-certified makeup/cosmetic brands.
  • Carmine, when looking at organic, vegan, and natural brands always look out for Carmine, it is frequently used in most lipstick shades and may also be listed in product ingredients as cochineal (extract), crimson/carmine lake, natural red 4, CI 75470 or E120. If there is none of these listed in the ingredients, it should be halal. If it does contain CARMINE OR COCHINEAL, it is haram. Carmine is derived from crushing dried female Cochineal (beetles). And as we know all insects are Haram in Islam except locusts.
  • Conventional (non-organic) castor seed oil and its derivatives are used widely in lip products. Non-organic castor seed oil is potentially tainted with agricultural residues, as well as residues from extraction and other processes used to produce the oil. Castor seed oil is also a penetration enhancer, making the other lipstick ingredients matter more. Not all castor seed oil is bad—in fact, castor seed oil can have some very beneficial properties (see “Lipstick Ingredients That Are Safe” for more on good castor seed oil.)
  • Preservatives and antioxidant ingredients are tricky—we need them to keep products fresh and limit the growth of microbes, but they tend to be problematic. Concerns range from irritation and allergenic effects to hormone disruption and cancer. Fortunately, most lipstick formulas have minimal water content and need little or no added preservatives; also, some lipstick ingredients, like natural oils and waxes, have natural anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. You’ll still find preservative and antioxidant ingredients in a lot of lipsticks, including some of the Good Stuff and Okay Stuff (where applicable, I noted this for people who are particularly sensitive or concerned). In lipsticks, I look out for ingredients like parabens, terpenes (like synthetic limonene, geraniol, linalool, farnesol, and citronellol), phenoxyethanol, benzyl benzoate, and BHT.
  • Flavour and fragrance ingredients of perfumes and some aromas can contain many unlisted components, including phthalates, which are hormone disrupters and possible carcinogens.

How to pick the Best Lipstick Shades for Your Skin Tone

Nude Lipsticks

I love, love, LOOOOOOOOVE Nudes, Nude lipstick is by far my favourite and almost always my first choice for my daily routine. They are perfect for every day and more regular wear, easy to use for a more natural look, and look great worn on their own with no additional products. At first, I found that Nude lipsticks together with matte bronzers made my skin look really lifeless & a bit dull. However, when I applied a neutral rose to my lips and the apples of my cheeks, I noticed it really flattered my wheat coloured skin tone and many others I tried it on too. It really brightened it up.

If you are new to nudes/lip tints and lip sticks, it may take a while to play around a bit and see what works for you. However, when worn well, nude lipstick can enhance your natural features and make you look effortlessly polished. Nude shades are highly versatile and can be appropriate for any occasion.

Also, it’s interesting to note, that your natural lip line can begin to fade as you age, (yes, I’m middle-aged) which makes lipstick more prone to bleeding. I found that tracing it with a clear lip liner can help lipstick stay on throughout the day or night without any bleeding.

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How To Find The Perfect Halal Nude Lipstick For You

With a wide variety of brands now catering to Asian & darker skin tones, it is easier than ever to find your ideal match. Brands such as NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil, Fenti Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick, Bobbi Brown Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick, and Huda Liquid Matte Lipstick, along with Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Pillow Talk, have all been proven popular to flatter a variety of complexions. However, whether or not these matches are safe or halal is another issue.

The Best Halal Nude Lipstick Substitutes For Muslim Women

Ameera Beauty

Ameera Beauty is a vegan, ethical, and Halal-certified cosmetics company. They are fairly new to the halal makeup industry, however, their Moisturizing Halal Matte Liquid Lipstick is an intensely hydrating formula that feels smooth and silky on the lips.

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Iman is one of the most popular nude lipstick shades among their highly pigmented selection that provides a long-lasting finish and includes ingredients such as Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Shea Butter. It glides on beautifully and is also easy to remove. Ameera Lipsticks allows you to enjoy the perfect touch of halal colour while still nourishing your lips throughout the day!

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Iba Nude Collection

Iba introduced India’s first halal-certified & vegan matte lipsticks. No pork or animal-derived ingredients are used in their lipsticks. They are made from a preservative, paraben, and alcohol-free formula. Instead, you can expect to find lip-loving ingredients that are nondrying, such as Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Almond Oil and mineral colours that leave your lips moist & supple.

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Iba Nude Matte

Among the Iba Nude Collection, the M18 Pure Nude Matte shade is said to be the most popular with lighter, more wheat or golden complexions. However, the Cinnamon Chai shade is favoured by darker-skinned queens. These are supposed to be matte but I would say they have more of a semi-matte finish at first then gradually become a full matte within a few hours. Both the shades are lightweight have a smooth texture and evenly coat the lips within a few swipes. If you have dry lips, like me, you may want to top it up with a lip balm later on during the day.

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Claudia Nour Lipstick Palette

Claudia Nour’s lipstick palettes come in 3 colour combinations that are easy to carry and apply. They are moisturizing and give a semi-matte finish. Her Pink Neutrals Palette in particular is a perfect combination of nude shades for all skin types. All Claudia Nour’s products are certified halal, all-natural, and wudhu-friendly.

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Every time you apply Claudia Nour’s range of lipsticks, you will feel confident knowing you have the purest, most natural, and halal ingredients on your lips. She uses ingredients like Avocado and Castor oil, combined with cocoa butter and Coconut oil. She adds the colour with natural minerals and all her skincare and makeup range are filled with love.

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When shopping for the perfect nude, many of us would usually go for what we are drawn to. However, if you’re looking for some guidance, your skin tone, its undertone, and your lip shade should dictate the most flattering shade. It’s important to highlight here that the skin tone is the shade of your skin, and your undertone refers to the natural colour that comes through from below its surface.

Most Asian & Arab women tend to have a warm, olive, or golden undertone to their skin, so picking a nude that is too light can make their complexion look washed out.

I would suggest also paying attention to your natural lip shade. Some lips are pale, while others are heavily pigmented – applying a nude that is too light can clash with your complexion. Those with fair skin tones can look amazing in pink or rose-based nudes, whereas medium to olive complexions can pull off warmer tones of beige or peach; and rich chocolate hues can beautifully complement darker skin tones too.

Here, Lisa Eldridge is really great in explaining how to find and wear the perfect nude lipstick for you and your skin colour. She’s really easy to understand and gets straight to the point. I love all her videos and find her very informative. She’s genuine and donates all her revenue to charity.

Best Halal Non-Toxic Lipstick

Among safe and halal lipsticks, you’ll see non-toxic ingredients such as:

  • Organic waxes, oils and plant kinds of butter, such as beeswax, candelilla wax (a vegan alternative to beeswax), carnauba wax, cocoa butter, mango seed butter, shea butter, avocado butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil, to name a few.
  • Organic castor seed oil, if it’s hexane-free and cold-pressed, has many benefits—it’s moisturizing and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties—without the drawbacks of conventional castor seed oil (please note that people with castor allergies should still avoid even the organic forms).
  • Safer antioxidants & preservatives, such as rosemary extract, elderberry extract, neem oil, pure tocopherols (vitamin E), and jojoba esters.
  • Straightforward flavouring & aroma ingredients, like vanilla planifolia fruit extract–aside from smelling great, it also has antioxidant and preservative properties.


The IBA lip collections all boast an array of different colours. They have everything from satin sheen to matte colours as well as high gloss.

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I especially love their bold & bright selection that I particularly find useful for bridal & party makeup looks. While the classic bridal red lips will see you through any and every occasion there is a case to be made for unconventional bold lips as well. Shades like berry, fuchsia and orange can really elevate the timeless Asian or Arab bridal look by giving it a stylish upgrade. This look will especially appeal to brides who want to wear chunky traditional accessories as it keeps the rest of the look very neutral with just a pop of colour on the lips.


Shade M is a homegrown brand that was founded by 2 middle eastern women who wanted to offer a clean, halal & vegan beauty brand without all the nasties. they have a wonderful selection of halal lipstick shades to choose from, which you can purchase on their website at Their cruelty-free liquid lipsticks come in 15 pigmented matte shades.

One of the things I like about Shade M besides being halal, clean and natural of course, is that they have a couple of videos on how to apply a few of their lipsticks. So, I would recommend paying their youtube channel a visit too, subscribe and show them some love ;). Here is one of their videos explaining why they decided to create Shade M.


Inika lipsticks along with all of their makeup products are all certified halal & vegan. They are ethically sourced and derived from botanicals and minerals, each individual ingredient is selected for their safety, efficacy, and purity, and of course, for our health and well-being. You’ll never find any animal products, chemicals, alcohol or even gluten in INIKA’s naturally impressive collection.

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This British family business with a revolutionary range of award-winning ethical beauty products cater to men as well as women, this makes it convenient to do a little shop for hubby as well. Their products are 100% natural, vegan as well as alcohol-free, with genuine ingredients that give effective results.

PHB is another long time favourite for those who are looking for certified Halal makeup brands in the UK, most love that they are cruelty-free and ethically conscious. You don’t have the headache of checking the ingredients and on top of that, I love the fact they give back to the community, donating 20% of their profits to UK charities as well as around the world.

Their organic & halal plum colour lipstick is a popular one to try as well as their organic & halal raspberry colour Lip Gloss available at You can shop their full PHB halal lipstick range on their website at where you can view all their other halal and organic cosmetics without the nasties.

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Wardah is a halal-certified best-selling brand in Indonesia and takes pride in using natural halal ingredients of professional quality. Wardah has a variety of diverse products that include makeup, cosmetics, fragrance, and of course lipsticks. Their amazing matte lipstick shades have previously been featured in vogue, so they are worth checking out. You can purchase their product collection here at or on their website at

Image credit: @wardahbeauty Instagram


Farmasi has an array of halal-certified lipsticks, from all sorts of matte shades to nudes and glossy and sparkly party options. Farmasi (AKA FCC) is a Turkish-based brand originally founded by Dr Tuna, this halal brand is widely distributed in 117 countries around the world & features a wide range of high-quality makeup at affordable prices. All of Farmasi’s Makeup and skincare products are Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free & follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set forth by the FDA. They don’t test on animals and are vegan friendly. Farmasi follows European standards and there are over 1100 chemicals they have banned vs the few the US does.

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Gabriel products also includes the ZUZU LUXE and Clean Kids Naturally Brands that are all 100% Vegan certified and clean from all the nasty ingredients. A point to remember is that not all clean product brands are vegan and not all vegan products are clean and so certainly neither vegan or clean products are necessarily halal as they can also contain certain alcohols in a particular quantity.

So, it’s rare to find these types of brands, although technically they are not certified halal, however, from the ingredients lists in their products they actually are. Having said that though, all ingredients are subject to change and I always recommend you check them again before purchase. They are very transparent with their ingredients and their ingredients lists can be found here.


Milk Makeup is still a fairly new makeup brand that’s available to purchase at Sephora,, and They’re all about “quick” makeup, mostly on the natural side. This makes it safe, easy, and natural-looking enough for everyday wear. Many of their makeup products offer multiple uses, such as the Lip + Cheek stick. I found this brand to be particularly popular with teens, tweens as well as adults.

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Milk is NOT certified halal, however, at the moment it’s safe to say it’s definitely one of those skincare and makeup brands that you can purchase without checking the product labels all the time. Their website claims their makeup doesn’t contain honey, carmine, beeswax, or any other animal-derived ingredients and by-products. Of course, this is all subject to change. If it’s not certified halal, there’s no guarantee that it will stay that way. However, for now, you can certainly enjoy!


Lush is a 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free UK make-up brand that does a really nice selection of lipsticks and matching refills, it isn’t certified halal, however, they will tell you there is no alcohol, carmine or any harmful ingredients in their products and also you can double check the ingredient list yourself that they proudly make very clear. Lush is also committed to ethical buying and using as little packaging as possible. You can read all about their governing principles; from air travel and a carbon tax to charity donations, on Lush’s policy page.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this post beneficial insha Allah, if you know anyone else who loves halal lipstick that may benefit please do share.

Please remember that we have tried our best to compile and update our halal products here on Azizati Health and Beauty as often as we can. We do this so that our Muslim brothers & sisters have a place to come to shop for their halal makeup and cosmetic products without fear. Here at, we have compiled all the halal-friendly, natural, pure, and clean brands, makeup, and cosmetic products that are available on Amazon for your convenience.

Did I leave any out? Please don’t hesitate to share your knowledge and experience with us in the comments section below 😉

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