Top Halal Makeup Brands 2020 – The Ultimate Collection


Before jumping into our Top Halal Makeup Brands review list, let us remind ourselves the definition of “Halal” and “Haram” first.  The term ‘Halal’ translates to ‘permissibility’. It is used in the Islamic context to define the permissibility of certain practices and ingredients. ‘Haram’ on the other hand means ‘prohibited’ which is not allowed for Muslims in Islam.

The Haram ingredients that are more commonly used in cosmetics include:

  • Ethyl alcohol which is the intoxicating type & considered impure, not the synthetic types of alcohol such as Benzyl Alcohol, unless it becomes a harmful quantity.
  • Any parts of forbidden animals such as, dog, pig or insects, that are not permitted for consumption. This eliminates several key beauty ingredients such as lard, gelatine, collagen, animal glycerin, allantoin and more.
  • Animals that have already died due to other reasons & animals that were not slaughtered according to Islamic practice. This can also include animal fats and gelatine from these animals, including lanolin (if taken from any of these animals after death.)
  • Any product that involves animal cruelty & torture. Supporting products such as these is no different from doing the cruelty yourself.
  • Any ingredient that can cause harm to the consumer, in beauty this includes ingredients such as Lead, Mercury and hydroquinone 
  • Any ingredient derived from the human body, this rule eliminates any ingredients from human stem cells, plant-based stem cells, however, are completely halal.
  • For more details on Halal & Haram animals and Islamic animal slaughter please visit:

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So what is Halal Makeup?

Halal makeup simply refers to any skincare or makeup related products that do not contain any “Haram” ingredients such as animal fats & by-products or alcohol. Halal cosmetics can range from a variety of products that includes lipsticks, moisturisers, foundations, serums, eye-makeup & nail polish!

The ingredients of the products must obviously be Halal but the actual process in the creation of the product right from the beginning must be Halal too!

Many beauty brands use harmful ingredients that contain toxins and no one really wants to be applying any harsh or impure chemicals & ingredients to their face. As Halal makeup does not contain any ‘Haram’ products, it further allows Muslim women to perform their prayers wearing these products, provided that they had wudhu before application.

Halal makeup isn’t only for Muslims

Halal cosmetics are suitable for anyone who is ingredient-conscious, who prefer organic, chemical/alcohol, cruelty-free and clean products! This is because within the products there are no harmful chemicals, no animal cruelty involved and usually no animal ingredients. So, Halal Cosmetics can be seen just as another sub-category used for description purposes but definitely perfectly fit for everyone to use!

Is Halal makeup suitable for Vegans?

In most cases, it is, however, we can not say that all halal certified makeup are automatically vegan friendly, halal makeup does allow some halal animal by-products such as beeswax, honey and milk, even some animal fats if they are from a halal source. So, because of this, we have to say NO, it is not always suitable for vegans and that if you are vegan you must always check the ingredients of the product to make sure.

Are Vegan makeup products Halal?

Although many Muslim women do opt for vegan makeup, it’s not the same as halal makeup, despite being similar. In MOST cases both vegan and halal makeup do not contain any animal products, however, having said that, I recently found out that vegan makeup isn’t necessarily cruelty free! Also, vegan products might still contain alcohol, which if is in a certain quantity or type, will then make the vegan makeup product haram. (I will do a separate post on this because it gets deep 😉

How do you know if makeup is Halal?

Look out for the Halal certification logo which states it is ‘Certified Halal’. If the product has a certification logo this confirms it’s full process from production is in halal accordance to shariah law. You can go by ingredients as well, although this can not guarantee the full production of the product was completed within the halal guide lines of Islamic law.

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Are Halal cosmetics worth the price tag?

In my opinion, YES definitely! In previous years, finding Halal Makeup brands in the UK or in other parts of the world wouldn’t have been so easy. I am pleased to say in our modern times and with the massive influence of social media, many of us have come to know of top makeup brands containing harmful chemicals and haram ingredients such as carmine or alcohol, including non-halal animal fats. Alhamdulillah these days more Muslim women are aware of these unfavourable ingredients that are being used in beauty products and have decided to turn to halal, vegan or more natural cosmetics. These natural cosmetics obviously take a longer process in development and testing, in addition to requiring rare & more expensive ingredients. We have to also bear in mind that getting the certifications is quite pricey too! Hence why sometimes a makeup or cosmetic brand maybe actually halal but the company has not yet been able to afford or get round to enquiring the certification yet.

The Following Halal Makeup Brands Are Halal Certified:

1. INIKA Organics

With a motto of ‘healthy is beautiful’, Australian brand INIKA is passionate about what goes into their products. Ethically sourced and derived from botanicals and minerals, each individual ingredient has been selected for their safety, efficacy and purity, and of course, for our health and well-being. You’ll never find any animal products, chemicals, alcohol or even gluten in INIKA’s naturally impressive collection.

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Organic, high quality, chemical-free and halal certified products are what this Australian makeup brand is all about – and alhamdulillah they have the certifications to prove it. Though Inika Organic features an array of products such as their liquid and loose mineral foundations, organic concealer, primer & lipsticks, I must say their stand-out product has to be the Long Lash Vegan Mascara that actually won the Glamour Beauty Awards in 2018!


NEEK Skin Organics are Australian based and proudly all-vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free, they test on sisters and not animals! Makeup wise, they are known for their lipsticks & tints, but they also specialise in some skincare products and do some pretty gift sets. They do not use any alcohol in their products and state in their FAQs page that they are in the process of getting the Halal certification. Their natural active ingredients are scientifically-proven to be essential for skin health & help slow your skin’s ageing process as well as being suitable for sensitive skin.

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NEEK’s preference for natural and vegan products means that a nature-friendly approach comes naturally to them. Not only do they avoid nasty, synthetic chemicals – they also use sustainable, recycled and recyclable packaging, and keep outer packaging to a minimum to reduce waste. I love the way they say their products aren’t brown, and they don’t smell like porridge 😉 and I totally agree that their range is full of beautiful shades and scents that also come presented in pretty eco packaging.

Alahmdulillah they ship internationally, so you can make an order on their website even if you are in the UK, although you can also shop online for their products at Amazon and

3. Isabelle Dupont

This brand works under Giz Cosmetics which was founded in Turkey in 2006, however, formulated in France. Giz Cosmetics has its own factory & managing office in Istanbul & is certified ISO 9001, ISO 22716, GMP, CPNP and holder of Halal Certificates. Although I couldn’t find confirmation of this on their UK website. The Products are said to be hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, paraben and cruelty-free. One of their most favourable products is the Luminous Finish Moisturizing Foundation. You can purchase their products online on their website or at

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4.IBA Halal Care

IBA Halal care is India’s first Halal-certified cosmetic vegan makeup brand. Their products range from body care to skincare and cosmetics that are all eco-friendly, with natural ingredients and no animal products. Without a doubt, the favourites are their matte lipsticks. You will simply be spoilt for choice since their lipstick comes in 22 different shades. These wudhu-friendly makeup products are not only ethically-produced but are easily accessible despite being made in India. You can also check out their range of skin and hair care products as well as fragrances on

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5. Sampure Minerals

Sampure Minerals are thankfully based in the UK and have been among the popular Halal makeup brands that feature the Halal-certification for some time now, they are vegetarian and use only natural products. Sampure are still rocking their luxuriously pure products that feel really great on your skin. Their vegan pencils & mineral loose foundation powders are a few of their most popular items, the instant glow foundation obtained positive reviews from its customers who have enjoyed flawless coverage and additional SPF 15 protection as well! You can even check out some samples before buying the actual product to see if it works for you.

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6. Samina Pure Makeup

The Samina Pure makeup range is formulated using healthy mineral foundations and powders that are FREE from, animal products, Harsh Chemicals, & talc, offering premium quality natural mineral makeup without the use of parabens, alcohol and animal products, plus all products are said to be Vegetarian Society, Halal and cruelty-free BUAV approved, this makes it also suitable for sensitive and problem-prone skin.  This complete range of mineral cosmetics for face, eyes and lips are produced under strict control via specialist manufacturers; with all Mineral powders being made from 100% pure crushed minerals.

a great deal of beauty and makeup products come to marke | Buy ...

There are many award-winning products within the range, but we should reference the Award-Winning Mineral Foundation which reports using only the finest natural ingredients to achieve outstanding long-lasting results giving a smooth, healthy & radiant glow. Mineral foundation reduces the appearance of fine lines and imperfections and is ultra-gentle making it ideal for acne-prone and sensitive skin. An extra benefit to this mineral foundation to point out is that it gives great long-lasting results and will not streak or sweat off in the heat, making it perfect for hot and cold climates. This could be great for holidays and summer weather, my only concern here is if this will affect wudhu? So if anyone has some experience or knowledge of this, please do share. (otherwise, I will try to review as soon as I can in sha Allah)

The website appears to be expired but the whole product range seems to be available on Amazon however still awaiting reviews!

7. PHB Ethical Beauty

This British family business with a revolutionary range of award-winning ethical beauty products cater to men as well as women, this makes it convenient to do a little shop for hubby as well. Their products are 100% natural, vegan as well as alcohol-free, with genuine ingredients that give effective results.

PHB is another long time favourite for those who are looking for certified Halal makeup brands in the UK, most love that they are cruelty-free and ethically conscious. You don’t have the headache of checking the ingredients and on top of that, I love the fact they give back to the community, donating 20% of their profits to UK charities as well as around the world. You will also be impressed by the range of Halal, vegan products they have to offer – which include skin and hair care products too by the way! PHB’s mineral foundation, organic Amazon and pressed mineral eye shadows are some of their best-loved products and their makeup brushes are popular too!

PHB Ethical Beauty | Natural lipstick, Cosmetics brands, Ethical ...

8. FX Cosmetics

FX mineral cosmetics was set up by three sisters looking for a fresh and new cosmetic range which would complement individual skin tones as well as establishing personality through the colours. The range captures the essence of colour hence the name FusciaXtreme to celebrate the intensity of colour and to bring to the market mineral cosmetics free from animal cruelty & alcohol.

They pride themselves in bringing a Halal and ethical brand which is affordable yet does not compromise on quality. Their products are sourced from natural mineral-based ingredients from countries that match their high ethical standards. They mention going through stringent testing to comply with Halal standards, so they definitely Halal certified, cruelty-free & free from harsh and harmful chemicals.

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FX Cosmetics are another very popular favourite among Muslims & Non-Muslims based in the UK and has something for everyone – their eye shadow palettes with a variety of colours, liquid foundations and gel lip liners are some of the top favourites you have to check out. I would recommend FX Cosmetics colourful range for weddings & special occasions or anything where photography is involved, anyone who loves colour & wishes to brighten up their usual makeup look will not be disappointed with FX Cosmetics.

9. Khadija

Khadija Cosmetic products are made and formulated in France, Paris. They offer products which are 100% halal and 100% natural. The products and factories are certified by the highest world certification bodies to guarantee ZERO contact with haram ingredients. Khadija Cosmetics are advertised as being natural and healthy as the formulas are 100% natural, without harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients or known allergens, to respect your skin’s health in the short and long term.

The makeup brand also describes their products to be high quality & professional as well as non-comedogenic, it also contains mineral sun-blocking filters that protect the skin against damaging UV sun-rays.

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Their Colour Chic Glamour Gloss, Morning Pink is definitely one to try, it’s a 100% natural non-sticky formula. Rich in pigments, for an intense and shiny colour that lasts up to 6 hrs. The sweet shade of a pink rose is covered in the morning dew to offer a spring-like effect to your lips with a light gold shimmery touch. Recommended for all skin tones.

I love the fact that they are said to be environmentally friendly too, KHADIJA does not test on animals and makes sure no-one in their supply change does. They also reduce their packaging to the strict minimum and work on a 360° basis targeting zero-carbon impact. I was also happy to learn they are engaged with empowering women, facilitating them access to paid jobs, all over the world. You can shop their products via their website but if you wanted to save shipping time from France you can also find their products on Amazon

10. Farmasi

Farmasi, also known as FCC is a Turkish based brand originally founded by Dr Tuna, this halal brand is widely distributed in 117 countries around the world & feature a wide range of high-quality makeup at affordable prices. Their all in one CC Cream is one of my favourites and their famous ZEN Extension Lash Mascara has some great reviews too. You can view their product range & catalogue in English on and has a nice selection too!

eye liner

11. Claudia Nour

Claudia Nour is a Latina Muslim sister based in the USA, that saw the gap in the market for halal beauty products and set out to create the go-to makeup brand that she saw from her own personal experience to be a productive benefit to all the Muslimahs out there. I really admire her get out there and do it yourself attitude. Alhamdulillah Allah gave her success as she introduced her own certified halal skincare and makeup brand called GLOW! All the products are free from alcohol, gelatine and carmine, which means you can use them stress-free. A major addition to her beauty creation is the helpful tips and tricks she adds and shares in her videos & social media channels that shows you exactly how to use her wudhu friendly line to the maximum ease and benefit. Definitely one of my favourites!
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image credit: claudianour/facebook

12. Wardah Cosmetics

Founded by Indonesian Nurhayati Subakat, Wardah is a best-selling brand in Indonesia and takes pride in using natural halal ingredients of professional quality. Wardah has a variety of diverse products that include makeup, cosmetics, fragrance, and other skincare, serums and hand cream. Their award-winning EyeXpert Optimum Hi-black liner comes in the shape of a marker making it easy to use in addition to remarkable results. They also have amazing matte lipstick shades that have previously been featured in vogue, so basically, they are a must-try!


image credit: @wardahbeauty Instagram

Website –

13. Tuesday in Love

Tuesday in Love is a cruelty-free and halal Canadian brand, certified by the ISNA Canada and alhamdulillah they even donate proceeds from every one of their purchases to Islamic Relief Canada! They are more famously known for their nail polish, however, they also have a humble cosmetic range that includes lipsticks, eye shadows, liquid foundation, eye and brow mascara as well as eyeliner. Their Luxury Lipstick comes in 8 saturated, creamy colours, have shown popularity as has the Matte Liquid Lipstick, designed with an easy-to-use click pen applicator and long-lasting formulation.

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image Credit: Tuesday in Love Facebook

Website –

14. Masarrat Misbah

The makeup line by Masarrat Misbah is the first-ever certified halal makeup brand that is based in Pakistan. Its makeup range comprises numerous lipsticks, foundation creams, eyeliners, lash volumizers, mascaras, that can all be purchased on their website and alhamdulillah despite being based in Pakistan, they do ship internationally, however, they do note that international orders may be subject to taxes & duties and will be the responsibility of the customer. Any applicable duties or fees will be collected at the time of order delivery by the courier. The products are halal certified and special care is said to be taken while assembling the products for the customers.


The products have a good variety option & are specially made bearing in mind the needs and skin tones of Pakistani women. Known for its silk foundations, the brand also offers a vast variety of liquid lipsticks and lash volumizers made from a wonderful blend of Vitamin E and Shea butter.

15. SO.LEK

This Malaysian brand was formed by a sibling duo, Dahlia Nadirah and Luqman Hakim. The brother and sister team’s aim of introducing affordable, but high-quality makeup has reaped success throughout the years with even Malaysian celebrities seen wearing and enjoying their liquid lipsticks, said to be moisturising & provide a soft-matte finish and available in simple nudes as well as bold colours. Reviews say that it’s really easy to remove and reapply if that’s the case, it’s conveniently wudhu-friendly. SO.LEK offers an impressive range of products in different shades, such as the BB cushion with SPF 20 and the trending blush cushions in 2 beautiful, warm colours. Alhamdulillah SO.LEK is cruelty-free, ship internationally and have Halal certification!

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           image credit:
Website –  So.Lek Cosmetics or you can also purchase their products at

16. Zahara

Singapore based brand Zahara Cosmetics was founded by two sisters Amira and Alia. Growing up in Australia, their dream was not just to create halal makeup but also to meet the high standards of professional quality in the market. They started out with developing a breathable halal nail polish but then later went on to introduce their very own nail polish remover & then products ranging from eyeliner, eye shadows & alcohol-free liquid lipsticks, that are going like hotcakes! It’s easy to shop on their modern online store and they deliver internationally for FREE!

Their pretty packaged high-quality nail polish are all certified halal and available in some nice trending shades, however, their makeup products only seem to be available to purchase from, not sure if this means they have discontinued the makeup line or not. I DMed them on social media & left a message on their website, still awaiting a response!

Nevertheless, this is yet another inspiring story & example for all our sisters out there who see a gap in the market for something or in society, to have the confidence in themselves to fill it! Have the perseverance & passion to drive themselves to succeed in accomplishing their goal. Why wait for someone else to do it? When we see a lack of development, it gives us the ultimate responsibility to create a solution for ourselves as well as for our fellow sisters in society.

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   image credit: Zahara Facebook
Website –

17. Talent Cosmetics

Talent Cosmetics is a South Korean halal-certified makeup brand first formed in 1980 and it has been very popular ever since. We all know how the Korean makeup look has been trending for some time now yet still doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down in its popularity. Alhamdulillah Talent Cosmetics have a special sun woo range which is created especially for obtaining that sought after enchanting Korean look!
In addition to being halal, these cosmetics are also very safe to use, their products have the most amazing effects on the skin too. Fortunately for us UK lot, Talent cosmetics can be found and bought easily online, so if you love South Korean makeup looks and skin care, Talent Cosmetics is one of the Halal Makeup brands that you have been looking for.

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Website –

18. Halal Beauty Cosmetics

Halal Beauty Cosmetics, also known as HB, are an American based, proud family-owned and operated business, a team of passionate makeup artists and beauticians, who have always had a mission to bring healthy, halal cosmetics to women around the world. They say on their website that they are “driven to create the healthiest makeup available for all, everything we do, from the ingredients we choose, to how we treat one another is done with the purest intentions.”
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Non-Certified Halal Brands Worth Mentioning

1. Silk Oil Of Morocco

Silk Oil of Morocco is an Australian Owned, internationally recognised, hair and beauty brand that was founded in 2002. The product line started with a Hair & Skin Treatment serum which then progressed into an entire professional haircare range. From this foundation flowed Skin Care, Cosmetics, Male Grooming and even Homewares & Accessories. The brand mission is based around creating accessible, effective, safe & cruelty-free products that bring results as well as a little bit of luxury to its customers. Silk offers a unique product performance through the use of beneficial oils, active key ingredients and innovative formulas that according to their website ‘Our Story’ page are Vegan friendly, cruelty-free and avoided the use of SLS, ALS, Alcohols and parabens. So if this is the case, it would certainly make the product line halal. Having said that though, their website does not show any certifications so please do still check ingredients and labels that are clearly provided on every product page and on all packaging. For more details, you can also check out their FAQ’s page.

Silk oil of Morocco,IBA Halal,TalenMorocco,moroccan beauty,Beauty,Halal,makeup,makeup brands,muslimah,Muslim,Muslim women,Islam,Haram,Ingredients,natural,pure,paraben free,harsh chemicals,harmful ingredients,vegan friendly,animal testing,cruelty free,Islamic law

Website –

2. Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC)

Beauty Without Cruelty is a proudly British brand. All Beauty Without Cruelty products are 100% suitable for vegans & vegetarians, completely cruelty-free and comply with their fixed cut-off date. They are another brand known to be caring for the environment by using recycled materials where possible and finding methods of sourcing to minimize their footprint on the planet. They use natural pure ingredients, being hypoallergenic and fragrance-free throughout, their products are considered one of the most successful for sensitive skin. Their ingredients policy found on their about page also states that all products are paraben, carmine, PEG, GMO, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Phthalate and even Talc Free!

halal,beauty,makeup,brands,vegan,vegetarian,2020,Muslim,muslimah,halal makeup,Islam,Amazon,cosmetics,haram,ingredients

You can shop for their products on their website or on Amazon, make sure to try their smudge-free liquid Ink Liner made with a plant-based pigment and does not contain Iron Oxides or Carbon Black.

3. Alima Pure

Alima Pure is a luxurious, natural, mineral makeup brand that is also cruelty-free because none of their products or ingredients is tested on animals and they do not sell in countries that require animal testing. They are not certified halal from what I’m aware of, this could be because their lip tints all contain carmine which is a colour extracted from beetles, that as we know is an insect and insects are haram in Islam. However having said that, none of their other products contains animal-derived ingredients except a few that contain beeswax and the Mascara contains lanolin which is halal as it is extracted while the animal is alive. So as long as you stay away from the lip tints you’re safe to go!

Silk oil of Morocco,IBA Morocco,moroccan beauty,Beauty,

Almost all of Alima Pure‘s mineral makeup is vegan friendly and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients with the exception of a few cosmetics which contain beeswax, carmine, or lanolin. They are as follows:

  • Lip Tints (contains beeswax and carmine)
  • Cream Concealer (contains beeswax)
  • Natural Definition Mascara (contains beeswax and lanolin)

Alima Pure products are free from parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and nanoparticles. You can read all about the ingredients they use here. They are also a carbon-neutral company, donate 1% of their annual gross revenue (sales, not profit) to grassroots environmental organizations dedicated to protecting our planet and offer refillable containers for some of its products.


4. Pacifica


image credit:

Pacifica is an innovative natural beauty company based in Australia, who started the revolution in natural beauty 17 years ago and have remained a leader in the category. They are committed to using natural ingredients that are skin beneficial, non-toxic, and safe. All of their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and PETA certified. The Pacifica product range includes colour cosmetics, skincare, body and perfume. Their motto is to treat women, animals and the planet with respect in everything they do!

You can view and purchase their products on their website or on, one of my favourites is the Blushious Cheek Colour Blush, with Coconut & Rose Infused & Camellia.

5. ZAO

ZAO is a French brand that offers a large selection of products that includes blusher & face powders, lipsticks, eye shadows and even nail polish, all said to be made with 100% natural organic ingredients, including bamboo.  You can read more about their ingredients on their ingredients page & there are some useful facts to read on their FAQs too. They are vegan and cruelty-free certified & some of their products are refillable and come in beautifully presented bamboo packaging. You can buy their products on their UK website or at Amazon

ZAO Make-Up | Compact blush 100% from natural origin, organic ...

                      Zao Organic Makeup Compact Blush Brown Pink: View it now on Amazon

Website –

6. Sacha Cosmetics

USA based Sacha Cosmetics, began operations in 1979 in Trinidad and Tobago which is an ethnically diverse market. Their vision was to develop a brand of makeup that all women, regardless of ancestry, could wear. Today, through innovation and continuous improvement, Sacha is the most advanced brand of makeup ever developed for multicultural women – Asian, Hispanic, African, Indian and other women of colour. Their products work well on light, medium as well as dark skin tones, making it ideal for anyone with a diverse complexion.
Among their high-performance products, Sacha’s world-famous Buttercup Powder is one of the most popular. It’s definitely the most blogged about beauty products on the Net and is the Amazon #1 Best-Seller in Face Powder. I just wish it didn’t include Aluminum among its ingredients, as this can be harmful depending on quantity & frequency of application!

Their intense-colour, long-wearing, liquid lipstick applies like a gloss, then dries matte and does not transfer. Their Second Skin foundations match every skin tone more perfectly than any other brand & their colour-rich eye shadows and blushers are said to look equally exquisite. The  Pro Powder Foundation, is the first and only powder foundation ever developed for light, medium and dark skin tones.

Sacha products are certified cruelty free and they say in their FAQ’S that they are Vegan friendly. You can buy their products on their website or online at or at Amazon.

7. Note Beauty

Note is based in the UK and currently only available to buy online, they are cruelty-free, 100% vegan-friendly and paraben-free certified, it seems to be popping up in some links as halal but there’s nothing on the website to confirm that and if it was certified I’m sure they would have included it with the other certifications. The famous Pakistani clothes brand J has been said to have partnered up with them to develop J Note makeup brand in Pakistan, you can find out more at

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However, they do clearly list their ingredients both on a separate page as well as beside each product, as long as you look out for the Ethyl Alcohol in its variations you should be good to go.

Some extra benefits are that they currently offer free delivery on orders over 25.00 and a colour match guarantee, but please note that this info is subject to change and may be time-sensitive.

8. Superdrug

Some of you might be a bit taken back to see this one on the list, but I’m sure it’s an old favourite for all us Brits. Superdrugs are well known for their affordable deals and great service. I was very pleasantly surprised to find quite a few options to choose from and how really informative and polite their staff were in helping me find what I needed. The Leicester city centre branch I visited was quite clued up on our Islamic beliefs and what ingredients made our sought for products haram or halal. When I mentioned my concerns the lady was able to tell me all the vegan brands they had which included Barry M, e.l.f. Mua and their own brand B to name a few and which ones would be halal or haram via ingredients. They even offer a halal manicure & pedicure service using their water-permeable ORLY nail polish!
So I would say it’s well worth paying their store or website a visit, you can also find more details about the difference between cruelty-free and vegan certification here.
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Website –

9. Lush

Lush is 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free UK make-up brand that claims to be halal although not having the certification as yet. The staff are always very helpful and informative about their products & ingredients. We have all come to love this brand and their ‘scent-ilating’ natural handmade products and although we usually feel at ease shopping for these products, it’s always good to glance through the ingredients for safe measure. Another bonus point of shopping with Lush is that they are committed to ethical buying and using as little packaging as possible. You can read all about their governing principles; from air travel and a carbon tax to charity donations, on Lush’s policy page.
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Hannah Chambers a fashion and beauty blogger based in Belfast, did a really good review on some of their selective makeup products, it’s worth having a read if your keen to know more at:
Website –

10. Lavera

Founded in 1987 and located in Germany, Lavera makes 100% certified natural cosmetics with plant ingredients, using organic where possible. Their 280 products are all free from cruelty, parabens, SLS, silicone, paraffin, GMO ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours. Most of their products are gluten-free and vegan. Alhamdulillah each product page lists all the ingredients contained in each product for you to double check and peace of mind.  The company is certified by NaTrue.
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You can also find an array of their products on Amazon as well as on their website.


So there you have it, this is the latest collection so far, however, if you know of any more please do let me know in the comments section below so that I can update the post or who knows if we have a good response we can even compile the Halal Makeup Ultimate Collection #2 😉
Please note: The above information is subject to change and can be time-sensitive, ingredients of products do sometimes alter and sometimes certain Halal Makeup brands discontinue. I strongly urge you to double-check the details & ingredients yourself for the most precise & updated info. If there is any error in my post please forgive me and correct me and if there was anything beneficial insha Allah this is from Allah Al Kareem.
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Jazakumullahu khairan!
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