Best Halal Cosmetic Brands Every Muslim Should Know


The Halal Cosmetic Brands market has witnessed significant growth over the past years, primarily due to the growing Muslim population across the globe and the growing population of vegans worldwide acts as another driver propelling the halal cosmetics market. Although the halal certification process can take up to two years, more brands are recognising the value of halal skincare and the market that comes along with it. The concept of “halal cosmetics & skincare” and more pure & natural beauty has taken the globe by storm and birthed the need & desire for even more halal skincare.

Long ago, the term “halal” was mainly attributed to food and whether it’s permissible for consumption in accordance with Islamic laws. However, these days, the term “halal” has expanded to encompass numerous aspects of one’s lifestyle – halal makeup, halal cosmetics & skincare, halal nail polish and even halal perfume. There is also a need for halal soaps and shampoos!

Being hygienic and clean represents half our deen, it’s not only considered good practice in Islam, but it is also an indispensable condition before performing certain rituals & religious duties too. Islam has placed so much importance on cleanliness making it an essential part of faith and Muslims are required to uphold this value. One of the ways Muslims achieve this is showering regularly, this is called ghusl in Arabic. However, what would be the use of washing oneself with impure soaps, shampoo and shower gel and then applying impure creams and moisturising products on top of that?

In short, washing, cleanliness & skincare is a huge part of one’s daily routine. So we have chosen to put together this collection of Halal Cosmetic Brands, highlighting products that can easily be removed for wudhu and at the same time gentle on the skin.


What Are Halal Cosmetic Brands?

The difference between regular cosmetic brands and Halal cosmetic brands lies in the ingredients used and whether they are permissible by Islamic law. In essence, halal cosmetics & skincare refers to products that use natural plant-derived ingredients. They should be free from animal by-products & certain alcohols as well as paraben & cruelty-free. These products include your typical everyday ones such as serums, creams, face masks, gels, cleansers, moisturizers & toners.

Halal cosmetics don’t include ingredients derived from dead animals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are affirmed as unclean according to Islamic law. They also don’t include ingredients derived from pigs, dogs, insects, blood, alcohol and animals that were not slaughtered as per Sharia Law. And besides adhering to ingredient restrictions, halal-friendly cosmetics & skincare products must also be manufactured using equipment and materials that comply with Islamic law. Such beauty products are almost synonymous to vegan, guilt-free and cruelty-free cosmetics that are sweeping the beauty industry.

Types of haram ingredients commonly used


This jelly-like substance is a standard protein commonly used in cosmetics. Gelatine comes from boiling the skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of pigs and pig-derived ingredients are impure which results in by-products that cannot be used. Some Muftis, however, have clarified the issue of gelatine products & explain that the “skin, which undergoes a purification process, and bones of halal animals are pure irrespective of their dhabihah status (slaughter method).” Hence, gelatine obtained from cows is permissible for external use only. And Allah SWT knows best!


Lanolin, also known as wool grease or wool wax, is derived from sheep’s wool. The ointment-like substance is made from the sheep’s sebaceous gland. It is a common animal ingredient in skincare products and acts as an effective emollient for hair, skin and nails. A sheep slaughtered according to Islamic laws, can be verified as halal. Therefore, it is permissible to use the ingredients derived in cosmetics. However, the matter of concern arises when there is uncertainty over how the sheep were treated, slaughtered and if the animal was alive during the wool-shedding.


Collagen is the secret ingredient behind many cosmetic brands. It is a commonly-used ingredient in skincare products, especially in anti-ageing creams and facial moisturizers. Collagen enhances one’s complexion by improving elasticity and firmness so that the skin remains supple & free from wrinkles. The process of obtaining collagen usually involves the extraction of a marine or bovine source, but some manufacturers also tap on pig collagen. It is permissible to use collagen products as long as the source is a halal animal, however, it’s very hard to trace this to be sure unless it’s certified halal.


Most halal skincare products will reflect the label “alcohol-free”. However, in most skincare products, you will be able to spot some form of alcohol listed on the ingredients list. Common examples include ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol denat and methanol. They function to make creams feel lighter, allow other ingredients to penetrate the skin easily and act as a preservative. Fatty alcohols, however, are obtained from natural ingredients like coconut and nuts and so they are permissible & safe for use. These fatty alcohols include cetyl alcohol made from coconut oil and stearyl alcohol which is made from coconut or vegetable oil. It is also permissible to use products that contain other forms of alcohol such as benzyl alcohol. There are differences of opinion when it comes to using products with alcohol, some Islamic scholars have said that it is permissible to use in cosmetics and others are of the opinion it is best to avoid it.

Parabens & Harmful chemicals

Parabens & other chemicals that are harmful to your body are also considered unlawful and disliked. These chemicals cause slow but severe progression to many major illnesses and research shows links in particular to women & breast cancer. As Muslims we have an obligation to protect ourselves from harm, our body is considered an Amanah from Allah SWT and it has a right upon us. To inflict pain on it or harm it for no valid reason is an act of carelessness & unappreciation of it. It is but a shell on loan to us for our souls to reside in until it is returned to it’s Creator.

Why use halal cosmetics & skincare?

The halal is clear and the haram is clear, and between them are matters unclear that are unknown to most people. Whoever is wary of these unclear matters has absolved his religion and honour. And whoever indulges in them has indulged in haram.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

The act of consciously choosing halal products is a noble one. It’s an opportunity to reap rewards of good intention & performing good deeds. Non-Muslims can also benefit from halal products, as these products comply with high levels of cleanliness from the manufacturing stage right up to the actual packaging stage.

Even if you were on the opinion that it is not obligatory for Muslims to strictly use only halal cosmetics, there’s no doubt that both halal & vegan beauty & self-care products are the safest for everyday use. They are more convenient too, you shouldn’t have to choose between looking your best and performing your prayers. Not to mention supporting the use of ethically-manufactured products that boast great quality should be encouraged, valued and appreciated.

Best Halal Cosmetic Brands Every Muslim Should Know

We are happy to provide our Muslim brothers & sisters, with this list of skincare & Halal Cosmetic Brands, which may not ALL be certified Halal, most certainly provide Halal-friendly products for them to take comfort in their daily self-care routines without compromising their health & faith:

PHB Ethical Beauty 

PHB Ethical Beauty was founded in 2012 by Rose Brown, a vegetarian, animal lover, who discovered that there was a lack of vegan products on the market, which prompted her to create this popular halal-certified brand we know today. This Birmingham-based family business offers an extensive range of hand-made, natural, and vegan-certified beauty products.  There is a unique collection of natural skin treating remedies for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and all products are housed in minimal recyclable packaging with convenient colour coded labels corresponding to specific skin types. Among having a variety of makeup & skincare products they also have a humble self-care & cleansing collection that comprises of shampoo, shower gel, moisturisers and scrubs. You can order directly from their UK website or you can find all their Amazon collection on

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The Halal Cosmetics Company

The Halal Cosmetics Company was established in 2013 after Lancashire-based founder Salma Chaudhry was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She discovered that the available skin care products on the market were not halal & contained carcinogenic ingredients. So this amazing ‘mumpreneur’ set up an innovative collection that was not only halal but contains an original ingredient called “astaxanthin” which is derived from microalgae. It’s a potent antioxidant which fights cancer-causing free radicals and acts as a natural sunscreen too.  This Islamically & health-conscious brand also donates proceeds from the sale of their collection to the UK-based Macmillan Cancer support charity. Unfortunately, their website is not currently available but you can purchase their products at Asda & online at Amazon. My personal favourites are the Moisturizing Day Cream and the Skin Exfoliation Facial Polish.


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Jamal Paris Cosmetique

Jamal Paris Cosmetics was founded by Chantal Japhet in 2006, who created a luxe line of skincare and mineral-based cosmetics. I like the way Jamal is scripted in an arabesque text as the logo. “Jamal” means “beauty” in Arabic, and some of the natural ingredients found in the Jamal Paris collection include sunflower oil, aloe vera, and rose water.  An innovative ingredient in the skincare line, called “bio white” complex, is a plant-based combination designed to promote even skin tone, and provides anti-ageing benefits. The brand’s minimalistic white packaging decorated with a delicate floral motif adds elegance and class to match the quality of mineral content that was halal-certified by the Grande Mosquee de Paris. You can order their products online from their website linked on the title, however, it appears their website is currently closed for maintenance. I hope that this is just a temporary thing while undergoing a revamp and updates or something!


Inika Organic

Inika Organics uses only the purest botanicals and top quality minerals to produce natural halal-certified cosmetics. This Australian brand is also certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Inika Organics are way ahead of the game with more than 35 international awards for their product excellence and innovation. Their prices are slightly higher than your usual supermarket brands but well worth every penny. I actually replaced my 7-year favourite Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara with Inika’s top-selling Long Lash Vegan Mascara and was not one bit disappointed with the quality or results! Aside from their makeup, they have an array of skincare products from, oils, serums & creams and you can purchase their products from their website or at if your UK based or if you’re in the USA or Canada. Alternatively, you can find all the available Amazon collections at 



This best-selling Indonesian brand has everything and anything a modern Muslim woman might need. Wardah manufactures an array of cosmetic products from skincare to makeup, haircare, body care & fragrance, in all shades, styles and scents— their Scentsation fragrance series is quite a hit, offering natural fragrance that is refreshing as well as soothing with even subtle & light scented options for those who don’t like it strong. Wardah Beauty prides themselves in using only raw Halal & natural ingredients making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. You purchase their products on their website and on however, it may be easier to view all the products together in English at


Iba Halal Care

IBA Halal care is India’s first Halal-certified cosmetic brand. Their products range from body care to skincare and of course, cosmetics. Without a doubt, the cult favourites are their matte lipsticks that come in 22 different shades. Looking your best and feeling good throughout the day without compromising on your deen has never been easier with their broad collection of halal products! These wudhu-friendly products are not only ethically-produced but are easily accessible wherever you are in the world. You can purchase their products directly from their website as well as find them on


Paul Penders

The founder of this 100% vegan certified brand, Paul Penders grew up seeing his grandparents run successful salons across the Netherlands. This encouraged his desire at a very young age to go beyond the chemical-based beauty products and create a natural, herbal, vegan and environmentally friendly range of products that range from makeup, skincare and haircare, thereby making his name synonymous with natural herbal cosmetics. You can purchase his products on the official website or on Amazon.

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OnePure Beauty

OnePure’s products are ethical, halal & gelatin-free, it was founded by Canadian Muslim revert & makeup artist Layla Mandi. This beauty & skincare range is aimed specifically at the growing Muslim beauty market promoting cleaner beauty products for health & skin. OnePure’s product line includes anti-ageing creams, acne soother, the perfect toner and cleanser created specifically for the ‘Arabic Gulf Consumer’, eye creams to alleviate dark circles and moisturizers with a special formulation that keeps working even in humidity. Rosewater, whey proteins and camomile are just a few of the deeply soothing extracts used. Unfortunately, OnePure is only available in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the moment. So if you or anyone of your friends or family members are visiting there anytime soon, it’s worth asking them to bring some back for you!

Mihri Istanbul 

Mihri Istanbul is a luxury skincare line that was launched back in 2012. Mihri, which means “sun” in Turkish, is a brilliant collection of natural origin-derived exotic ingredients such as calendula flower, carob tree, red seaweed, and decaffeinated green bean extracts. They have a beautiful collection of products boasting innovative cosmetics that include an anti-cellulite lotion, anti-wrinkle creams, a body hair inhibitor lotion, and an anti-hair loss serum among shampoos, moisturizers and other skincare products. Mihri is halal-certified by the GIMDES Halal Products Research Institute of Turkey. You can purchase their products online on their website.

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Another UAE based brand, Hammamii is the essence of the traditional hammam that nurtures & purifies. Its rituals deliver a memorable sensory experience that has cleansed & nourished the body for centuries. Hammamii is a blend of this timeless beauty tradition with a modern luxury twist. Offering a humble little collection of deeply cleansing products boasting ingredients used to purify and beautify the skin, revealing a natural glow. From moisture-rich camel’s milk to Moroccan tea, giving the skin a flawless and vibrant appearance.

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Hajj safe

The brand already makes us feel reassured from the get-go. While it is dedicated to providing pilgrims with halal products to enter a state of Ihram while they embark on a transformative Hajj or Umrah, it is a safe choice for any Muslims who wish to exercise more caution on what they slather on their sacred skin. You can get your hands on unscented soap and moisturiser, which don’t contain alcohol, perfumes or any traces of animal ingredients. You can find their products on their website and they deliver all over the world!


Desert Essence

For 35 years, Desert Essence has been committed to sourcing and harvesting the most powerful ingredients on earth to deliver a healthy beauty experience, without damaging plant and animal biodiversity. With an unwavering dedication towards social responsibility, Desert Essence products are biodegradable and packaged in materials that are recyclable. It has a wide range of products that do not contain alcohol. You can purchase their products on their website or at If you are living in UK it may be easier to check first, it has a smaller collection but it’s already in UK.

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Saaf Pure Skincare

Saaf skincare beauty products are naturally made with pure halal ingredients. This organic brand was created to make safe products for usage & brings a natural glow to the skin. Saaf Skincare is distribution in UK and Ireland, however, I can’t find an official website for them anymore despite many great product reviews on multiple blogs. They are approved by the vegetarian society along with the UK soil association and are halal certified. Their natural ingredients are said to beautify the skin by the use of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Reviews claim their cosmetics are very effective and leave the skin supple and glowing. I did manage to find their popular Organic Pure Face Cleanser with Cleansing Cloth available on Amazon, as well as their Super Hydrating Body Balm. If you should know what happened to this great brand or where they disappeared to, we would love to know!

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This natural German cosmetics brand Ayluna is inspired by Turkish & oriental well-being tradition. It is organic, vegan and halal and thus connects orient and occident, just like the two founders Aynur and Heinz-Jürgen Weiland. Ayluna was originally better known for their excellent hair and body care range as well as plant-based hair dyes but now they have an even broader line of products to indulge in.

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Farmasi is a makeup, skincare, fragrance line and much more, it actually pairs well with Avon, Paparazzi, and other DS companies.  You may not have heard of it because although Dr. C. Tuna created many of the original formulations about 80 years ago, it entered the American DS market late January 2019! It is created, manufactured, and packaged under one roof in a massive facility located in Istanbul, Turkey. This family-owned business even purifies their own water used in the products. Farmasi products are all-natural phosphate-free cleaning self-care products, fragrances, nutritional supplements, and much more, some products are also gluten-free. The company manufactured pharmaceuticals for many years & use these same pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in formulating the products today while keeping the product prices very affordable. You can find their product line on their website or on

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This UK based Islamic store is mainly known for their Islamic clothing, books and prayer essentials but did you know they also have their own brand of halal beauty products such as shampoos, creams, oils, exfoliating scrubs, haircare, fragrances as well as health supplements? The staff are always helpful and polite and the prices are very reasonable too. If you are living in UK and don’t live close to one of their stores, you can check them out online at


Avon has been said to have launched some halal-certified products. There are articles & Facebook pages that have been claiming this from back in 2012. Although I did come across this article too that included a letter from Avon stating that there were products that contained some animal-by ingredients and alcohol. The article was not dated so I’m not sure how recent it is. So I can’t say that all Avon products are halal or halal-certified but I can say that they clearly list their ingredients and many of their products do appear safe to use for Muslims. Some scholars have recommended Avon and they do have a variety of quality well-reviewed products to choose from. Just make sure you check the ingredients. You can also order their products on Amazon

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With a multitude of fresh handmade products to choose from, Lush helps you take care of your entire body. From basic shower necessities like big sea salt shampoo and olive tree gourmet soap, to more fun shower products like bubblegum lip scrub & bath bombs– you will be spoilt for choice. I especially love their natural henna hair dye collection. While it is 100% vegetarian, do take note that some of the products contain denatured alcohol. So to erase any uncertainties, visit the website to find out the list of ingredients for each product which they conveniently provide clearly beside each product description.

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Final Thoughts

We, here at have made it part of our daily everyday life to look out for new halal, clean and natural brands in the health & beauty industry. It has become our passion to collect whatever we can on our website from the Amazon sites that will be of benefit to our Muslim brothers and sisters as well as the general public.

We hope & pray that visiting our website & blog will enlighten your knowledge on what’s new and available to us in this regards and we are always trying to update our information as much as we can. We will welcome any new suggestions and advice for the benefit of anyone that prefers halal, clean and natural health & beauty.

It was our mission to prove that there are alternatives available for us wherever we are in the world and let’s not forget the benefit of natural oils and their multi-uses. For example, we are all aware of the nourishing quality of olive oil, taken internally or applied externally its miracles are also mentioned in the Quran. It is rich in vitamin E, which can reduce inflammation when applied topically and boasts antioxidant properties that may prevent premature ageing. Natural oils keep your skin supple and moisturised, they are usually always vegan and cruelty-free too.

We do hope you found this post useful & encourage you to share with your family & friends fisabillah. For more information on halal cosmetics, here is a useful link to Islamic Q&A regarding halal cosmetics

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