Best Halal Mascara 2021, Why I Switched My L’oreal Paris Volume Million To Inika Organics Mineral Long Lash


Today I review the best halal mascara and look into why I switched from L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes to my new absolute favourite and HALAL Inika Organics Black Mineral Long Lash Mascara?

Long ago before I had any idea that make-up needed to be halal or about all the harmful & toxic ingredients used in our everyday cosmetics, L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Extra Black mascara was my long-time favourite, go-to, and must-have mascara for years, along with Max Factor Masterpiece High Definition Mascara. I tried many a time to substitute them with some trending brands, however, nothing could compare with the lengthening and smooth volumizing qualities L’Oreal volume million lashes and Max factor Masterpiece gave to my eyes… Until I found HALAL Inika!

If I had to pick only one beauty must-have that instantly makes me feel confident and put together it would be my kohl powder and then my mascara would come straight after that 😉

I know I can’t be the only one to feel this way. Mascara has the ability to boost an entire look, mascara is every sister’s secret weapon even on a no-makeup day. 

However, not all mascaras are the same, so finding a formula that checks all the boxes can be a challenge. Most of us want a volumising mascara that curls, lengthens, and lasts all day without flaking or smudging.

What we don’t want is a mascara that clumps, a mascara full of harmful chemicals and toxins, especially for those of us with sensitive eyes. Ideally, we want something that easily washes off for wudhu too so it’s best to steer away from waterproof mascaras that can cause your eyelashes to fall trying to get it off. Actually, the only time I could justify wearing waterproof mascara is for a wedding and for a bride on her wedding day.

Below I have written up the pros and cons of both these mascaras that made me come to my decision that Inika, although is on the pricier side, is by far the better pick and, in my opinion, the best halal mascara 2021.

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes


  • More Affordable
  • Convenient To Find & Purchase
  • Sustainable
  • Volumes & Curls Lashes
  • No Clumping (unless layered more than 2x)
  • Incorporated Excess Wiper (removes excess mascara leaving the brush coated with just the right amount)
  • Good wand design (bristles separate lashes for a fanned-out lash effect)
  • Good Coverage
  • No Smudging


  • Can Irritate Sensitive Eyes
  • Not Halal (contains carmine)
  • Not Vegan
  • Not Natural or Organic
  • Contains Toxic Chemicals (such as Propylene Glycol)


For a long time, I honestly thought nothing could compare. However, in my old age my eyes got more sensitive and as my knowledge of chemicals included in cosmetics grew, I realised I had to take this more seriously and put the time and money in trying to find a good substitute. As you could see there are some nice advantages to this product but as a Muslim and someone who is more health conscious, the pros couldn’t outweigh the cons in terms of priority and importance.

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Inika Organics Mineral Long Lash Halal Mascara


  • Halal Certified
  • Vegan Certified
  • Organic Certified
  • Award-Winning
  • Amazon Best Seller
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Suitable for Sensitive Eyes
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Good Coverage
  • Good Wand Design for Smooth Application
  • Volumes and Lengthens Lashes
  • Suitable for Layering (for parties)
  • No Clumping
  • Easily Removable
  • Wudhu & Prayer Friendly


  • On the pricier side
  • Limited Availablity & Purchase Options
  • Flakes slightly during the end of the day


One of the best things I love about this brand is that it works really hard to ethically source its products in more ways than one. This gives me even more pleasure when using and enjoying their products. It makes paying the extra pennies worthwhile, knowing that my pleasure isn’t at the expense of hurting anyone or anything.

Additionally, although this mascara is on the pricier side, I find that it’s still quite sustainable. I wear it, almost, on a daily basis and it lasts me a good few months. It’s well pigmented and goes on really smoothly with no clumping. It gives my lashes the same fuller and longer, defined results as my previous mascara, but without the nasty ingredients. I also noticed that my eyes have become so much more sensitive as I’ve aged and it’s great that this mascara doesn’t make my eyes water at all unless I’m cutting onions 😉

On the days that I’m NOT praying, I find that it lasts almost all day without smudging or flaking at all except maybe right near the end of the day. And this may be because I tend to rub my eyes more in the evening.

When I AM praying and washing my face during wudhu throughout the day, I found that the water penetrates through to the lashes without necessarily washing the mascara off completely. Almost like how a hair mousse works on the hair after application, you can wet the hair through with water and still re-scrunch the product back into the hair with your hands without actually removing the product completely from the hair. I think this is because the mascara doesn’t dry really hard after application. It’s packed with vitamin E and sunflower oil to condition while boosting length and fullness. This is another advantage actually as it makes it even smoother and easier to properly remove with a cleanser before bed.

I would say that because of my above experience with INIKA Mineral Mascara, during wudhu, it could be that this mascara is very wudhu friendly too. Allowing the water to reach the lashes and includes no ingredients that would make the remaining contents haram or impure to pray in. Also, the mascara can still work its magic even after wudhu without the need of reapplying.

There are many ethical, natural and organic mascaras out there that are also vegan and with no added alcohol, however, this one is one of the very few that is actually certified halal. Hence why the benefits of Inika’s Award Winning Long Lash Mineral Mascara outweighs the benefits of L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes.

Tips For Wearing Halal Mascara

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1. Patch test your halal mascara first

During my time completing my hair & beauty college courses, I learned the great importance of doing patch tests on clients, and this is just as important to do for yourself too, especially when trying something new. Even if you don’t think you have any allergens or sensitivities, it’s still important.

So, before you place that mascara wand anywhere near your eyes, try the product out on your inner forearm (with a Q-tip swipe a little excess product from the base of the wand, then dab on the skin). Cover with a plaster/band-aid or adhesive bandage and check again at the end of the day. If you don’t notice any redness, you’re good to go.

You will find that most sales assistants on duty in makeup and cosmetic stands are well trained and accommodating. So if you ask them to complete this test for you, they will do it, or at least provide you with the tester of the product for you to complete the test for yourself.

2. Sometimes old-school is best

When you live in a fast-adapting modern society that is continuously changing and moving forward, it can be a struggle to keep up with the new terminology for things. Extension fibers? Proprietary mega-thickening formulas? What is that exactly? Call me old-fashioned but I’m all about “less is more” so the simpler the better. The fewer bells & whistles mean fewer ingredients to irritate or harm you, if you don’t know what something means, steer away from it at least until you do.

So, in addition to reading labels and looking for mascaras with the least amount of ingredients, dermatologists recommend opting for formulas that are mineral-free, hypoallergenic, and ophthalmologist-tested.

3. Go for a basic black Mascara

Our youth are always seeking to keep up with the trends, and there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s in a moderate and halal way. However, it shouldn’t compromise our deen and health. So try to avoid these recently trending multicoloured mascaras, since these have dyes in them that are more likely to bother sensitive eyes with the number of extra chemicals they contain. They also have more risk of containing carmine.

4. Avoid waterproof Mascara

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As I mentioned before, I would only justify wearing waterproof mascara on a wedding occasion. In this case, I would recommend using Tetyana Naturals 4D Fiber Lash Mascara, it’s waterproof and gives brides that luxuriously longer, thicker, voluminous eyelash look naturally without fakes or extensions. It’s long-lasting, smudge-proof and hypoallergenic as well as natural, non toxic and easier to remove.

Many of us are tempted to wear waterproof mascaras on gym days or when doing sports. This is mostly because we don’t want it to smudge when we sweat and get panda eyes 😉

Smudge-proof sounds good until you have to scrub your poor eyelashes raw trying to get it off. Waterproof formulas are harder to remove and you will lose some of your precious lashes in the process. For those of us with sensitive eyes and skin, this isn’t a great idea. In addition, for praying Muslimas to make a valid and effective wudhu wearing this sort of Mascara will be extremely difficult. And for those of you who can argue that you can, would you want to do this multiple times a day before prayer? The time wasted in this unnecessary extra effort on a regular basis is questionable. Who in their right mind would put their eyes through that?

Yes, you may get the occasional smudge with a non-water-proof mascara, but isn’t that better than itchy, irritated eyes, and losing eyelashes? Or your contact lenses popping out on you?

As far as I know, there are not many, if any, safe, natural, and halal waterproof mascaras out there. Although, blinc tubing mascara has come up a few times as a safe, natural & waterproof mascara. The waterproof formula is said to envelop each lash in an individual tube—giving you crazy volume and definition without smudging or clumps—but can just as easily be removed with warm water before bed (no eye scrubbing required). I haven’t personally tried it yet but if you or someone you know has, please do let us know how you get on with it in the comments section below.

5. Beauty, fashion & makeup vloggers & influencers aren’t always right!

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If the latest makeup vlogger tells you to wriggle that mascara wand in super close to the lash line, just because that’s what SHE does and it works for her, it doesn’t mean that it’s ok and it will work for you in the same way. Actually, most eye doctors beg you not to do this. Eye doctors and many professional makeup artists & hairdressers will tell you to “Avoid the base of the lashes and the lower lash line”. They also recommend skipping the waterline (that flat inner rim of the eye inside the lash line) when wearing eyeliner, to avoid getting a bacterial eye infection. So, be careful!

Actually, the best way to apply mascara is by looking upward to open your lashes fully and then zig-zag the mascara wand as you move up starting a few mm away from the base of the lashes to the tip. This helps to apply the mascara all around each eyelash for the best effect. It also separates and defines each lash without affecting the inner eye.

6. Take your mascara off before bed.

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Sobhan Allah, many of us already know that we should do this, but we still sometimes sleep without removing our eye makeup, even I’m guilty of this. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good habit, it contributes to blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelid that leads to a gritty sensation and tearing.

Even when you’re using mascara with safe ingredients, it doesn’t mean that your eyelashes are in the clear. You’ll want to use a makeup remover to safely remove your mascara and avoid any rough pulling. Because mascara coats your eyelashes, it can keep them from absorbing as much moisture as they need to be healthy and hydrated.

Ideally, we should make wudhu before sleeping anyway. So make it a habit to follow this up by gently cleansing your lashes and eyelids with a gentle eye makeup remover. I always gently wipe over my eyelashes, eyelids, and eyebrows with pure argan oil while moisturizing my face with it before bed. Eyelash serums can be just as effective. You can also find eyelash conditioners that aid in hydrating the lashes, keeping them soft between mascara applications.

7. Sometimes Mascara relationships change

Believe it or not, sometimes, it’s not just mascaras ingredients that can change, but you too may change!

That beloved mascara you’ve been loyal to since your school days may suddenly start making your eyes water and or irritating the hell out of you. I myself have used a product for years and had no problem with it, then, all of a sudden I have redness or irriation from it. It took me ages to realise that this was an allergy to the product. If this is happening to you, it’s time to part ways ;(

Also, it’s helpful to know that it’s actually recommended to throw mascara away every 3 months of opening because bacteria can actually build up and cause an infection too.

8. Never Pump Your Mascara Tube

While it may be tempting to pump your mascara wand in and out of the mascara tube between applications, doing this actually leads to air entering the container. The problem with this is that the air ultimately aids in bacteria growth in the mascara tube. The air also dries out your mascara, so instead, gently swirl the wand inside the bottle as you pull it out and use a sideways pull as you wipe off any excess product on the tube rim. This tip will also minimize unsightly clumps.

Finding A Safe & Halal Mascara

Mascara can make your eyes look bigger, more awake, and generally more alluring, but many of them contain additives, such as dioxane, parabens, and phthalates, that are linked to troubling health consequences that’s not so pretty. While lush & full lashes are the most sort after makeup look that many of us want on an everyday basis, your mascara doesn’t need to be full of chemicals to achieve this.

Finding a safe & effective cosmetic product is becoming more and more difficult as the variety of brands available continue to multiply. So, when it comes to nontoxic and natural mascaras, there are actually some really nice, safe, and super-effective options, it’s just a matter of taking the time out and putting in the effort to find them. Knowing that this isn’t always so easy, I have done it for you!

Below, I have put together the top nontoxic and natural mascaras that really work:

Poppy Austin Argan Oil Mascara

Poppy Austin’s Argan Oil Mascara is vegan approved and certified, it’s lovingly handmade with 100% eco-friendly materials and all-natural ingredients. Among these ingredients are organic argan oil, organic olive oil, organic plant waxes, and organic Acacia Gum. Its natural & organic formula is gentle & cruelty-free, PH balanced & hypoallergenic for sensitive eyes, and infused with a rich cocktail of organic botanical oils. $14

Josie Maran Black Argan Oil Mascara

This vegan & cruelty-free mascara is a 91% natural, nourishing and lengthening mascara infused with argan oil and lash-strengthening bamboo extract. Clinically tested, and formulated without gluten, GMO, synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde, and PEG compounds. 

It’s nourishing power of 100% Pure Argan Oil mixed with blackest-black iron mineral pigments, and infused with the lash-strengthening properties of bamboo, conditions the lashes as it coats, lengthens, volumizes, lifts, and curls them. The unique formula is delivered by an innovative five-ball brush that reaches every lash, making lashes appear healthier with less lash loss during makeup removal. All this for $22.

Lily Lolo Vegan Mascara

I haven’t had the pleasure to try out this organic and mineral makeup brand before, as the price, at $12.50, always puts me off. However it’s definitely one of the leading most talked about natural makeup brands on the market. Lily Lolo mascara is an all-natural, vegan & cruelty-free mascara that volumizes and lengthens lashes. Lily Lolo is free from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. It’s quick drying, creamy formula is silicone, paraben, alcohol, lead and fragrance-free making it suitable for sensitive eyes and lashes. Containing organic ingredients such as fruit, sunflower seed, and carnauba waxes, it’s said to define and volumize your lashes naturally.

ILIA Limitless Mascara

Ilia Mascara has a vegetarian and cruelty-free nourishing formula, made with organic bee and carnauba waxes, shea butter, and keratin. It will fortify and enhance your lashes for any look. I absolutely love the buildable, flake-free dual-sided brush for volume in easy, simple strokes. Great for layering and achieving a more bold effect. Although labeled as clean, I noticed some alcohols in the ingredients that may affect the halal standards of those Muslims that do not use alcohol at all in their cosmetics. View ingredients here. $10

Gaya Vegan Mascara

Gaya is a vegan and cruelty free luxury mascara designed for extra sensitive eyes. It is ophthalmologically tested and suitable contact lense wearers. Their ultra black conditioning mascara transforms thin fine upper lashes to look longer & thicker, offering buildable volume control. Volumize & extend your lashes naturally with no falsies needed. Achieve a natural look with a simple one coat layer or an attractive false lash look using 3-4 layers, the choice is yours!

It’s long lasting, easy to apply and remove. Plus, the professional curved wand has a smudge proof silicone brush that helps separate and lengthen lashes without clumps. This safe eyelash enhancer is paraben free with no waterproof harmful ingredients. $17.


Kosas Mascara is a little bit on the expensive side costing $26, however, it’s cruelty-free, toxin-free, and made with natural ingredients. Castor oil nourishes the lashes while provitamin B5 helps revive them; beeswax provides volume while a high concentration of active peptides supports healthier, fuller hair. Plus, the nice-sized, arched brush with spiraled bristles means that each lash will be volumized, lengthened, and curled.

W3ll People Expressionist Pro Mascara

W3ll People Mascara offers a toxin-free, natural, & organic ingredient formula that is nourishing, volumizing, and cruelty-free with no clumping. Created without the harmful artificial chemicals found in most conventional mascaras, free from the use of petroleum, parabens, gluten, coal tar, aluminum, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance, etc. Instead, this jojoba-infused formula gives lashes a lush, full appearance and I love the silicone brush. Costing $19.

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer

Honest Beauty Mascara is labeled clean and cruelty-free, the 2-in-1 primer and mascara works together for lush length, volume and definition with the need for ingredients such as Parabens, Paraffins, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrances. It’s an amazon best seller and has many 5 star ratings. Having said that though the ingredients list is fairly long as compared to other natural mascaras. $15

Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

This is another one of my favourites for my brides, the ultra-black colour won’t fade, clump or streak. It will give you a dramatic look with the ability to increase your lash volume naturally with no extensions. The unique brush that comes with the Tarte mascara is short on one side with dense bristles that will thoroughly coat all your lashes while the other side has long, firm bristles that will separate and lengthen the lashes. It always makes a statement. Not only does Tarte’s best-selling mascara curl, lengthen, volumize, and condition, but the hypoallergenic formula is also made without mineral oils and gluten so it’s safe for contact-wearers and those with sensitive skin or eyes. It even contains anti-aging vitamin C, an antioxidant that combats free radical damage. There’s also a waterproof version if you prefer. $30 but worth every penny for the big day!

Beauty Counter Lengthening Mascara

Beauty Counter’s Natural Lengthening Mascara has been newly reformulated for easier removal and zero flaking. This mascara allows you to add alluring length and definition to your lashes without the harmful ingredients. Apparently it’s smudge-proof & stays put all day, yet can be removed in the blink of an eye. It contains nourishing botanical ingredients, such as organic bataua oil and carnauba wax, that help condition lashes. The unique precision brush perfectly separates, defines, and coats each lash. $29

Final Thoughts

I really hope this review of the Best halal mascara and compilation of the top nontoxic and natural mascaras is helpful and beneficial. There are some other halal-certified brands aside from Inika that do lovely halal mascara too, such as Paul Penders Mascara, Farmasi Mascara, and PHB Ethical Beauty Mascara. For more info about halal makeup brands please read: Halal Makeup Brands 2020, The Ultimate Collection.

I thought it would be nice to expose other non certified halal friendly brands. Please note that these recommended brands are subject to change though, so please still do check the product ingredients before purchase.

It’s mind blowing how every day, we use products with chemicals that can potentially lead to serious health issues for both ourselves and our environment. I have found though that choosing healthy, safe, and clean cosmetics isn’t as daunting as it may seem. The above list of natural and organic mascaras help protect the planet as well as leave you feeling even more beautiful and confident.

There are other mascaras that I preferred not to include, not due to ingredients or performance but due to the name. Such as Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I personally, don’t understand why we have come to an age that we feel we have to name such normal pretty things with such phrases. In so many cases, I refused to pick up, select or purchase a product just because the name was unsuitable for my preference or put me off. I know this is a whole new blog topic all together, but if you feel the same way or would like to share your humble opinion, please do so in the comments section below, I would love to hear other people’s point of view.

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