How To Give Yourself A Salon Quality Manicure At Home Like A Pro


How to care for your nails at home

We are choosing to stay proactive and positive during these tough times, so we thought to share some tips on how to care for your nails at home. More than ever, this planet and it’s people need the energetics of love, healing and self-care and creating a salon-quality manicure in the comfort & safety of your own home has never been easier.

We all love that pampering feeling at the salon however during this time of self-isolation or quarantine, not only does it give you something to do but self-care also plays a huge role in boosting confidence and good mental health. Plus how long can you go on for without a cleanup?

Firstly, before beginning any nail treatment, always make sure to prepare a clean work area, which can be any flat and protected surface & don’t forget to sanitize your tools. You can find some very nice professional manicure sets on Amazon. We recommend you have everything ready including towels to help support & position your hands.

There are some relaxing sounds of nature that you can play during this time to create a peaceful spa-like feel, this can be useful for meditation, promoting good thoughts and really helps unwind.

Step 1:

Befoe we start to on how to care for your nails at home, you must make sure to remove any existing nail polish with Nail Polish Remover.  Then wash your hands.

Step 2:

Soak your fingers in a small bowl of warm water. If desired, add a fresh flower or herb to the bowl. Essential oils can also elevate the senses and create a naturally beautiful & calming workspace.

Step 3:

Clip nails, if necessary.  Then using the Nail File, file in one direction to shape the nails of the first hand either square, round or squoval.  Crystal glass nail files are perfect to use on natural nails. When complete, place the hand in the bowl of warm water.  Repeat these steps with the second hand.

Step 4:

After removing the first hand from the soak, apply Cuticle Remover and push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher.  Follow by buffing the nails with your preferred buffer, then repeat this process with the second hand.

Step 5:

Exfoliate your hands, wrists and forearms with a hand scrub, this will eliminate dead skin cells. Then after washing your hands, dry them thoroughly & apply some Argan Oil to your hands and lower arms with a massage movement to replenish moisture.  We recommend Argan oil but you can use a good moisturizing cream if you prefer then use a clean hot towel to remove any excess lotion, making sure to clean each nail bed and dry thoroughly.

Step 6:

If your nails have any rough surfaces, apply a Strengthening Ridge Filler and let nails thoroughly dry before adding a base coat The base coat is an important step because it hydrates & protects nails as well as prevent chipping.  We recommend always waiting two full minutes between each coat.

Step 7:

Now if aunt flow is currently visiting and your not praying, why not grab your favourite halal nail polish and apply it being sure to brush all the way down to the cuticle and into each corner of your nail.  Wait patiently for two minutes and apply a second coat of polish.  Again practice mindfulness and wait another two minutes before topping off your nails with a Top Coat.  The topcoat will protect your manicure from chipping and adds extra shine to the nails.  Then finally, let nails dry an additional five minutes while you close your eyes and take in this luxurious self-care and nourishment for your body and soul.

This concludes how to care for your nails at home, now let us discuss nail polish application!

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How to Polish your Nails like a Pro

If you love getting your nails polished but can’t or don’t want to visit a salon, here are some tips on how you can apply it by yourself at home:

Three strokes are enough

When it comes to painting nails, use the three strokes method to apply the polish. First, place your hand on a flat surface. Dip the brush into the bottle and get a normal-sized drop of nail polish at the edge of your brush. Starting at the base of your nail, first stroke the brush to the left, then to the right, and then down the centre.

Always use a base coat and a topcoat

Using a base coat will make the surface smooth so that your halal nail polish can stick easily. Also, it allows the colour to last longer and protects the nails from becoming stained by the pigments in some coloured nail polishes.  The topcoat will ensure the polish lasts longer.

Choose the right white

A lot of women consider white nail polish one of the best colours. However, when it comes to choosing a bottle, it is necessary to make sure that the formula is thick and creamy. To find out if it’s opaque, pick the brush and wipe it against the top of the bottle from inside; if the polish is sheer against the inside of the bottle, it doesn’t have enough pigment and will be too sheer, this will make it look too streaky.

Use good cuticle oil or Argan oil religiously on your nails

To give your nails that ‘just been to the nail salon’ look. Use cuticle oil or Argan oil frequently, this will hydrate them immediately & keep them healthy. You can also apply it on your entire nail bed once you are done applying polish so if you hit them against something accidentally, the oil will offer some slip, which prevents your nails from scratching.

Avoid shaking your nail polish

When it comes to helping apply nail polish neatly, consider this important tip. Instead of shaking your nail polish before using, roll the polish bottle between your two hands, hold it vertically and roll it back and forth. This helps eliminate air bubbles, giving you a much smoother & neater brush stroke.

Put your hands under cold water after applying paint

If you are in a bit of a hurry, dipping your fingertips in ice-cold water for a bit will help dry the nail polish faster without any damage to your nail paint.

Try out glitter nail polish

Finishing off with a glitter nail polish as a top coat will add a shimmering shine on your nails perfect for special occasions. It not only looks beautiful but also lasts longer on your nails. You can match the glitter colour to the base colour to create a unique look.

Keep your hands away from hot water

If you want your nails to last it’s best to use some rubber gloves when doing the dishes. Putting your hands into the hot tap or shower after painting your nails is just asking for all your hard work to go to waste. Hot water is an enemy of nail polish. It causes the polish to expand with it and even causes it to crack in the process.

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Here is a great video that summarizes all the above steps in detail for more convenient understanding

We hope you enjoyed these tips to help polish your nails at home and get the salon look with halal nail polish. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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