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Aloe Vera & Coconut Oil For Dry Scalp & Dandruff (Remedy Recipe)

Aloe Vera & Coconut Oil For Dry Scalp and Dandruff Recipe:

Both of these natural oils have proven effective against hair loss, dry scalp and dandruff. The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. While Aloe Vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair amazingly smooth and shiny. It promotes hair growth as well as itching on the scalp in addition to reducing and eliminating dandruff.

How to prepare and apply: 

  1. Filet that aloe vera leaf like you would a fish! You want to get to the centre of your aloe vera leaf.
  2. Remove the slimy, clear gel-like substance which is the aloe gel. Avoid accidentally picking up any yellow part, which is usually found just below the skin of the leaf. You don’t want that: you want what is in the middle!
  3. Add the gel to a bowl with some coconut oil, and mix them together until the gel is completely covered and mixed in the oil. You can add more coconut oil if needed to get that.
  4. Leave the mixture to stand for at least 2 or 3 days.
  5. After you let your aloe gel & coconut oil mixture to rest for 2-3 days, heat it up over a stove for about 10-15 mins. Keep the flame low, and stir frequently to ensure your gel does not burn. Another way to determine how long to let your mixture sit on the flame is to listen to the sound it makes. When the popping sound of the heating oil stops, turn the heat off!
  6. Then let your mixture cool down!
  7. When it’s back to room temperature, strain the oil to get any aloe vera gel pieces out. Pour the liquid into a suitable bottle and It’s ready for use!
  8. Apply by massaging generously into the scalp in a circular motion, (this also stimulates the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum that in turn will moisturise the scalp)
  9. Leave in for at least 2-3 hours and wash out thoroughly.


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