Top 10 Hair Clippers For kids 2021 – The Safest Options


Recently, I compiled a post on the Best Shampoo For Kids of 2020. Today I wanted to follow that up by highlighting the Top 10 Hair Clippers For Kids in 2021.

Have you ever needed a good hair clipper for your baby or toddler? I’ve often wondered what would be the best hair clippers for kids to invest in for my cute baby clients? 

Back in my day, I don’t think there was any such thing lol, and when my son was born I had never come across any of these cute and really useful devices they have today. And now with Corona, life with new safety restrictions, self-isolating, curfews, and home quarantine has pushed many parents to learn how to cut their children’s hair at home. The most researched google search and youtube videos of the year 2020 was “How to.”

So, as I looked into this for myself, I thought I may as well put together what I learned in the hope that it may help others, Insha Allah. I was looking for a device that is compact and easy to use, something that will allow me to comfortably trim my toddler clients’ hair as well as be able to carry the clippers with me while traveling to and from clients’ homes. A comfortable & user-friendly design should provide a good grip for easy handling. I was also looking out for a product that was water-resistant so that I could easily clean the device between trims. The following list was what I shortlisted for myself. I would like you to guess which one I finally picked in the comments section. It was a tough choice I must say!

Things To Consider When Looking To Buy Hair Clippers For Kids

Baby’s skin is so much more sensitive than that of adults, and when a child gets hurt, cut, or grazed it’s always much more painful and traumatic. Children can get really fidgety, bored, uncomfortable, and sometimes even scared of the noise of hair clippers. This can make cutting their hair an extra challenging mission. You can not estimate when they might make that sudden move. So, opting for a good kid-safe hair clipper would be more appropriate to carry out the haircut with minimal inconvenience.

The following are some things to consider before buying hair clippers for children & babies:

Clippers with ceramic blades will minimize hair pulling for a safer and more comfortable haircut experience. Most baby hair trimmers feature ceramic blades designed to minimize hair pulling and skin nicks. The blunted ceramic tips use an R-angle design that makes it easy to provide a safe hair trim.

Water-resistant clippers will be easier to clean between uses. So, remember to check for the water-resistance rating.

Child-friendly designs are popular among mums, they help reduce the fear and trauma that normal large, black adult trimmers can give children. When you are small, everything big, sharp and scary will strike fear and lack of trust. Most baby hair clipper designs are soft and light coloured to resemble other baby toys & accessories. This has been proven to help in relaxing the child and creating a more calm atmosphere. (This can also be dangerous and even more of a reason to keep out of reach of children when not in use) The last thing you want is for your child to think it’s a toy to play with when unattended.

The noise level of kids’ hair clippers is important to know too, generally, they should be below 60 dB to be the most appropriate to operate quietly and deliver fewer vibrations during the duration of use. Baby trimmer motors are usually much quieter, not exceeding noise levels above a gentle 50 dB. Additionally, kids’ trimmers generally have a shorter blade width that provides a more even trim on small-circumference heads.

The power source of the clippers is another thing to consider. Cordless models are easier to use and more portable than corded ones. Having said that, they are usually less powerful as well, so it’s important to make sure that your cordless baby hair clipper is equipped with a high-performance motor. For someone like me, that will be using the clippers more often for professional use, choosing a device with a rechargeable battery would be more cost-efficient than disposable ones. A good option comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for about an hour on a single charge.

What’s the Difference Between Baby Hair Clippers & Adult Hair Clippers

Adult hair trimmers are usually designed for thick men’s beard hair. They are usually larger in size and made with steel with self-sharpening blades designed to provide maximum torque on tough hairs.

Whereas most baby hair trimmers feature ceramic blades designed to minimize pulling their much finer and thinner hair. They usually have blunted ceramic tips that make it easy to provide a safe hair trim without the risk of skin nipping. Baby trimmer motors are also usually much quieter than adult ones, with a shorter blade width that provides a more even trim on smaller-sized heads.

So, if you’re looking for a tear-free way to clip your baby’s hair, it is best to invest in a quiet & powerful set of baby clippers. Most parents will know it’s no secret that babies are scared of Adult-sized hair clippers. They will be too familiar with the trauma from their baby’s first haircut experience. And like me, probably wished that they had known about or had these options sooner.

Can You Trim Baby’s Hair with Adult Clippers?

Yes, you can trim baby hair with adult hair clippers as I’m sure we all did at one point back in the day before baby clippers existed, however, I wouldn’t advise it.

Kid-safe hair clippers have advanced safety features that adult clippers will lack. Most adult trimmers are not designed for use on toddler or infant baby hair. Adult grooming supplies are designed for cutting thicker hair and can be very noisy and scary for babies, kids, and toddlers alike.

Baby hair clippers are usually made with dual-blade titanium and ceramic design. The innermost titanium blade provides precision while the blunted ceramic blade negates the possibility of nicking the skin.

Alternatively, you can carefully use hair-cutting scissors to trim your baby’s hair, this will be safer than using an adult trimmer. However, it’s more difficult to achieve an even cut and you’ll have to be extra patient if the child gets fidgety during this long process.

Are All Baby Hair Clippers The Same?

Electric baby clippers are usually all designed to operate as quietly as possible producing noise levels below 60 dB. All of them will have child-safety features, however, they may differ in some elements.

For example, some may or may not be water-resistant and for those that are water-resistant, they may vary in levels of resistance. Some may be cordless and some may not and of course, they might also vary in power too, so this will reflect a difference in price as well.

There is certainly no shortage of highly safe, portable, and convenient baby clippers on the market. Almost all electric baby trimmers feature the same essential user-friendly design; however, I would recommend you opt for a cordless, rechargeable trimmer for maximum ease of use. Also, look out for products that feature LCD battery displays. And for me, I wanted to make sure that the trimmer I chose had a higher water-resistance rating, which will make it easier for me to clean between trims.

Top 10 Hair Clippers For Kids & Babies 2021

Below, I’ve listed the Top 10 most popular hair clippers for kids & babies in 2021. I selected these clippers based on recent testimonial feedback and the safety features of the brands. Feel free to visit the links for more info and judge for yourself:

IWEEL Hair Clippers for Kids, Electric Baby Hair Clippers Ceramic Hair Trimmer

The IWEEL Clippers come with everything a mother or father would need to trim their baby’s hair. It has 4 basic-sized combs, one cleaning sponge puff, one soft bib, and a thinning guide. Operating at just under 45 dB, the IWEEL clippers are sufficient enough to keep fussy babies calm. Testimonials suggest that parents appreciate the IWEEL clippers because they are IPX7 water-resistant, making it easy to disassemble, clean, and even dunk into water. An Amazon choice and currently only £21.49.

Buy now from

Sadly, this is no longer available on, however, you can have a look at the Baistom Quiet Kids Hair Trimmer Pro as an alternative.

Baistom Quiet Kids Hair Trimmer Pro

Designed with a soft-tip ceramic blade, the Baistom kids’ hair trimmer prides itself on its enhanced safety features. The small clippers are designed to trim kids’ hair effectively without pulling strands or scratching delicate skin.

The Baistom comes with combs ranging from 0mm to 12mm, making it easy to create a hairstyle that best suits your baby. Parents appreciate the whisper-quiet 50 dB noise level of the clipper, which is especially useful for anxious babies.

Buy now from

Birmirth Baby Hair Clippers, Ceramic Blade Kids Hair Trimmer

The Birmirth professional Baby Hair Clippers are specifically designed for babies. The ceramic blade kids’ hair trimmer comes with 3 guide combs, a cleaning brush, a hair bib cover, and a storage bag. The different sizes of guide combs are 0mm, 3-6mm, and 9-12mm. It is a rechargeable cordless haircutting kit set for kids, infants & toddlers. An advanced ultra-quiet motor of 40db makes it possible to trim the child’s hair even while sleeping. Its IPX7 is water-resistant and the R-shaped design provides a safer and softer trim.

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ENSSU Quiet Baby Hair Clippers, Silent Hair Trimmers for Children and Kids with Sensory Sensitivity

The ENSSU electric baby hair clippers also feature an advanced noise reduction technology and a high-quality brass movement motor to enable trims to be completed in low vibration of 48 dB. The streamlined body curve design makes it easy, comfortable, and safe to use. In addition to the special R-sharped blade that facilitates the wide rounded tips. The ceramic blade is designed for 0-12 years old with a 0.5mm gap to the skin. The ENSSU baby hair clipper will not harm or scratch which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. it also features an IPX-7 level water resistance which together with the unique sealing design makes it fully washable.

Note: The USB in this pack doesn’t come with a charger plug. I guess it’s adaptable to any phone one. Also at first glance, it seems that it only comes with 2 size combs, however, these 2 combs are adaptable, one is a 3-6mm and the other is a 9-12mm guide comb.

Currently £24.99 on Amazon

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DaMohony Baby Electric Hair Clipper, Kids Electric Rechargeable Ceramic Hair Trimmer

Parents can safely cut their child’s hair with this baby hair clipper without being worried or nervous about pulling their hair or cutting or scratching their tender, sensitive skin. These trimmers also incorporate the popular R-shape round corner ceramic blade for fast, easy, and safe cutting. The premium quality motor is powerful yet works at low noise vibration to prevent the child from being alarmed during their hair cut. The baby trimmer set comes complete with 4 guide comb, a haircutting cape, and hair cutting molds for easy home use. As with all these modern-day designs, it comes with a convenient USB rechargeable cable, with a 5-hour full charge time. The clippers boast a digital display to show the percentage of the remaining battery, which lets you know when to put it to charge. In addition to this, the clippers are also water-resistant for easy washing between uses.

Currently £29.99 on

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Meijubol Silent Baby Hair Clippers Professional Cordless Waterproof Hair Trimmer Kit

With these safe and reliable baby hair clippers, even if your baby moves unpredictably, you will not pull their hair or harm their scalp in any way. the rounded tip and corner design facilitate ease and comfort as well as preciseness, perfect for soft baby fine hair. The hair clippers reach the tricky areas around the ears easily and the slim blades can trim even the shortest fine hair. They are also waterproof with a noise limit of 60 dB while on.

Quick Charge and Wireless: After fully charged the baby clippers can run for a good 60 minutes. The hair clipper comes with a USB cable so if it should take you longer to cut your child’s hair you can plug it in. This would not be suitable for professional use or for me for instance as a professional hairdresser I would need something I can plug in at least if the battery was to run out. But I would say it would be totally suitable for home use.

Currently £11.99 on

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KKUYI Baby Hair Clippers, Ceramic Blade Kids Hair Trimmer

This detachable electric baby hair clipper is waterproof at an IPX-7 level and can be washed and even dipped in the water for a short time. The residual battery indicator function can conveniently display the remaining battery power and it’s advised to charge when the battery is less than 20%. It also boasts an R-shaped design & ceramic blade for that extra safe comfort and softness. It features advanced noise reduction technology of 50 dB. Additionally, it comes equipped with 3 guided combs and a cleaning brush. The combs are easy to attach and detach when needed and are 3-6mm and 9-12mm in size. Also, there’s a 0mm-slant comb for temples. The different guide combs enable the different lengths of hair and styles.

Currently $17.99

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Bololo Baby Hair Clippers – Quiet Kids Hair Trimmer

The Bololo electric baby hair clippers are cordless, waterproof, and chargeable. It comes specifically recommended for children with Autism and ABS issues. It features a ceramic blade for safe and comfortable trimming. The rounded R shape corners create ease and smooth trimming without any pulling or scratching the skin. There are 4 cutting heads & 2 fixed-length combs, the size of the guide combs are 3-6mm and 9-12mm and it all comes in a complimentary flannelette bag for easy storage. The professional low noise mode is 55 dB and it is also water-resistant for easy disassemble and clean. The nickel-metal batteries have a good storage capacity that offers 60 minutes on a single charge.

Please note that these hair clippers come with a USB cable that can be charged via desktop, laptop, or power bank and no additional/separate plug.

Currently $23.99

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Wyi Quiet Baby Hair Clippers, Cordless Electric Waterproof Hair Trimmer

These quiet baby hair clippers are equipped with 2 basic guide combs, different guide combs are suitable for different hair lengths of babies. They are ultra-quiet with less than 45 dB. They are safe and easy to use without pulling your baby’s hair or scratching their skin. They are also IPX-7 waterproof and easy to clean. The cordless design features a nickel-metal battery with a good storage capacity. The rechargeable wireless battery is easy to operate anywhere. The hair clipper has a USB cable and can be used for 40-60 minutes on a single charge, which isn’t too great as compared to the others, however, many parents feel the colourful design choice makes up for this. Let us know which feature you would prefer.

Currently £25.19

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Ingeniously Cordless Hair Clippers For Kids, Electric Baby Ceramic Hair Trimmer

These cordless hair clippers are also great for kids, toddlers, and babies alike. They were originally reviewed really well by another seller but then they become unavailable and only available with this seller that I have linked, however, this seller does not have any reviews of the product yet ;(

The electric baby hair clippers are also ceramic, rechargeable, cordless, and come compact in a nice set with cutting combs and so on. I thought it was still worth keeping it on the list. If you can suggest another brand that’s worth replacing please let me know in the comments section below 😉

Currently £29.34 on

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Tips For Using Baby Hair Clippers For The First Time

All the above-mentioned baby clippers will be easy and straightforward to use. All hair clippers come with clear written instructions of use to guide you. However, I know as a parent myself that it’s still a bit daunting doing something for the first time, especially when it involves your precious little baby. This is why I would recommend the following tips to make it easier:

  • Before charging the hair clippers, run it through yours and your baby’s head/hair while it’s off to get the feel of it. You will find a comfortable way to hold the clippers and prefered angles to use prior to the actual cut. This will also familiarize your child with how it would feel like before the cut without the additional very light noise/vibration.
  • Introduce your baby to the clippers and allow them to touch and feel them explaining what they are for.
  • After explaining what it is and allowing them to hold it themselves for a while, you can switch it on to familiarize your baby/child with its soft sound before any hair cutting.
  • You will find that after your baby/child feels safe and familiar with the hair clipper, it will be easier to distract them with a toy or playing favourite videos while cutting their hair.
  • For younger babies, it’s also sometimes easier for some parents to trim their hair while they sleep. Majority of baby hair clippers are as quiet as light conversation, whispering or pillow talk.

Useful Accessories

Cbeauty Childrens Barber Cape, Umbrella Hair Catcher For kids Hair Styling Cutting Cape Apron (Blue and White)

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Diane Neck Duster, Soft Hair Duster, Neck Hair Brush

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Final Thoughts

Cutting your child’s hair at home might feel nerve-wracking at first, you might think you are not qualified or will bodge it up somehow, however lack of confidence can make even a qualified hairdresser make mistakes. With these hair clippers, you know your child is safe and comfortable and you will find the comb guides quite easy to use. After a few cuts, you will also identify which comb sizes that best suit your child’s face shape.

I pray you found this article useful Insha Allah. It’s well worth investing in a good pair of children’s hair clippers now when there’s no real stability or way of knowing when salons will open and get back to normal again. In some areas, children only have a few hours of allocated time that they are allowed out, so it’s very hard to cram salon & shopping trips in.

It will be lovely to hear your thoughts and experiences. Which one did you go for and why? Are there any others maybe I left out? Please share your feedback in the comments section below.

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