The Secret Beauty Of Rose Water – Benefits & Uses


Benefits & Uses of Rose Water

At harvest time, each year, not far from the famous city of Ouarzazate, (thats situated in Southern Morocco) there’s a beautiful small village called “Kelaat Meggouna” that hosts a Rose Festival to celebrate the acres and acres of Damascus Roses that grow in its peaceful refuge. Surrounded by a desert of sand, it secretly resides and maintains it’s valued traditions.

Women still gather in groups to traditionally extract the very essence of this rose in the same way they did in the time of their forefathers, they then distill it to produce the pure Rose Water we know today.

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Once upon a time when Moroccan women were invited to a wedding, it was common to see an unusual, long metal instrument being passed over the tables. They would happily be spilling rose water from it on themselves and others sitting with them, wiping their faces and hands with it. This ritual act has been known to represent happiness and joy for centuries, creating a direct link and connection between Pure Rose Water and celebration.

So, as you would imagine, Rose Water is highly valued in the Moroccan culture, it is used in different skin preparations and in particular during the Moroccan bath or Hammam. For instance, It is added to the Moroccan exfoliating clay mask called Ghassoul to create a more fragrant experience. In any case, besides its beautiful scent, Rose Water is a must-have in every woman’s cosmetic bag.

Women use it generally as a natural toner for the face or to wipe away any remaining traces of makeup. It can be directly sprayed on the face and even used as a cleanser, as it is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. You can also mix equal proportions of rose water and pure Argan oil to create your own natural makeup remover. The oil content of this natural cleaning solution will remove any traces of makeup even if they are waterproof.

Rose water alone can beat any morning eye puffiness. Add a generous amount of rose water to a cotton pad and place it over your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes and see the difference.

If you are taking a shower, you can give your body a fragrant smell by wiping some rose water over yourself after your final rinse from head to toe. Alternatively adding a few drops into your bath achieves the same results in addition to enjoying a relaxing moment.

You can also benefit from wiping it over your recently shaved legs, just use a cotton wool pad to evenly spread the rose water over the area, this helps to avoid the razor harsh effects on the skin.

When I was growing up, I have a memory of watching my mother dilute a small quantity of rose water with normal drinking water and then spraying it over bed linen and living room upholstery before guests come, so it even has good uses for a beautiful room fragrance in both it’s solid and liquid form.

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