The Do’s & Don’ts When Applying Mascara


Mascara is every girl’s makeup bag must-have. Even for those who prefer a natural look and go light with their makeup almost always swipe on some mascara and a little tinted lip balm or gloss on a regular basis.

Mascara opens up your eyes to make them seem bigger, enhances their shape, and adds a fresh & awake appearance. When mascara is applied correctly, it certainly transforms even skimpy, thin lashes into full, lush & feminine lashes that suit any look from natural to evening elegance.

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Now there are so many varieties of Mascaras designed for different results. Whether you want a volumizing mascara for a bold look or a lengthening mascara for the false lash look, you will discover the way you need to apply them will always be the same, for the best results.

The Don’ts Of Applying Mascara

Mascara application is the one thing you would assume to be foolproof, however, it may require more practise and patience as we would like to think.

Mascara is one of the most important parts of the whole makeup routine, but, even though the product only takes a few minutes to apply, there are some mistakes that can be made during the application. So, knowing how to avoid such mistakes can make a dramatic difference in the overall look you are after.

If you are making these mascara mistakes, don’t worry you are not alone.

1. Don’t Pump The Wand

If you pump the mascara wand, it will pump air into the product and dry it out quicker. You won’t usually need that amount of mascara on your wand in any case.

Many of us pump the mascara thinking it will get more out. However, this only pumps air inside the tube and could dry the formula. If your mascara is nearly finished and you are struggling to get the remaining formula on the wand, swirl the brush around the inside edges of the tube to scrape any remaining product from the sides.

2. Don’t Apply Without Wiggling The Wand

Brushes work exceptionally well when you begin the application process from the base of the lash and wiggle the wand horizontally on the lashes as you pull them up. Those who just pull the wand upwards straight on the lashes without wiggling it may not be able to properly coat their lashes.

Looking upward to open your lashes fully and zigzagging the mascara wand as you move up from the base of the lashes to the tip will help to apply the mascara all around each eyelash, giving them the maximum volume and length. It also separates and defines each lash.

3. Don’t Apply Too Many Coats

Applying multiple layers of mascara can add volume & create fuller lashes, however, applying too many coats will weigh down the natural curl of the lashes and make them clump. The maximum number of coats will vary on each person and the type of lashes they have. For some, it is possible to achieve a natural-looking volume with only 1-2 coats. For others, it may take up to 3-4 coats.

Never apply more than 4 coats in either case, as this will weigh down the lashes and most definitely cause clumping. And always let the lashes dry first before applying the 2 or 3 coats.

4. Don’t Apply Mascara To Bottom Lashes

When you are going for a natural everyday look, you really shouldn’t need to apply any mascara on your bottom lashes, doing so can look just awful, especially when not applied tactfully.

On the occasions that you are going for a bold look and must apply mascara on your bottom lashes, you only need a single swipe. You can swipe over the bottom lashes straight after doing your top lashes without returning the mascara wand back into the bottle. This is to prevent that horrid spidery-looking bottom lashes. Unless you are going for a very bold look, a single swipe is all you need.

A good tip for bottom lashes is to place an undereye protection pad beneath the bottom lash line during application to prevent mascara spots on the skin below your eyes.

5. Don’t Hold Onto A Mascara For Too Long

For smooth application and to prevent infection, never hold on to an open mascara for longer than six months. This can harm your lashes as well as fail to give you the results you want. If you don’t know how long it has been, smell it. If it doesn’t smell good throw it out.

The Do’s Of Applying Mascara

1. Choose The Right Mascara For You

The first step to get the most from your lashes is to choose the right Mascara for you, choose one based on your own natural lashes. Short lashes will benefit from a lengthening mascara while thin, sparse lashes will need a volumizing mascara to plump them up.

While black mascara is by far the most popular choice, for fair-skinned ladies with light hair, dark brown gives a more natural look, so choose wisely.

2. Prep And Prime Your Lashes

Unless you were naturally born with beautiful curly lashes, it’s worth giving your lashes a quick curl to get the most out of your mascara. Use a good eyelash curler from a reputable brand with good reviews.

On special occasions, it’s also beneficial to use a primer. Using an eyelash primer as an addition to your makeup routine not only protects & thickens the lashes but also helps mascara last longer.

3. Wipe Off Any Access Product

If there is more product than you need on the wand, wipe it away by scraping any access mascara on the edge of the rim so that it goes back into the tube. Doing this before applying will prevent the lashes from sticking together, looking clumpy, or smudging.

4. Clean Application Mistakes Properly

When you mess up & end up with mascara on the skin, rubbing it away without a cleansing solution will only cause it to smear. Apply a small amount of cleanser on the end of an earbud to remove the smudge, then correct the cleansed area with a concealer.

5. Seperate Your Lashes

Irrespective of how much you try to avoid it, many mascaras will make lashes stick together. You need to ensure that you comb them through using a spoolie to ensure that the lashes do not stick together.

Also, use the tip of the brush to capture the tiny eyelashes at the outer corners of your top lashes. Mascara wands often miss these lashes out. After all, defining the lashes at the end of the lash line widens our eyes. The little outward flick we make with our eyeliner is meant to imitate these outer lashes, so be sure to accentuate the real thing!

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, you should only purchase mascaras that use more natural ingredients to prevent damaging and irritating your eyes. Mascara doesn’t usually come with a sell-by date, however, you should still make sure to change your mascara every 6 months to prevent infection & to get the best results.

Look out for the best one for you and apply the above do’s and don’ts for the best results. Then that’s it! You’ve made the most of your mascara and given your lashes their best possible look!

Let us know your favourite mascara and what you do to get the best results 😉

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