Zoggs Kid’s Swimming Pool Float Armbands


Float bands available in 4 sizes, ages 0-12
Buoyancy aid for learning to swim
Flat contoured under arm gusset for comfort

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Product Description

Zoggs Go with the flow-Bands offer complete freedom of movement in the water for little ones learning to swim. Features include flat contoured underarm gusset for comfort and two air chambers under each armband with separate non-return safety valves. Made of heavy duty Vylux.

The buoyancy may also be adjusted as the wearer’s confidence increases.

Instructions to be used:

1. Slide Go with the flow bands onto upper arm.

2. Inflate: Squeeze the valve and blow into the chamber. Inflate until firm.

3. Close the valve by firmly inserting the stopper.

4. Push the valve into the chamber until flush.

5. Ensure the flat contoured side sits underneath the arm for optimal conform.

6. Allow the child to go into the water, holding their hand as they do so, once in the water check their buoyancy. When checking buoyancy the water level will have to be across the shoulders. If necessary adjust the buoyancy by inflating or deflating.

7. To deflate: Push valve out of chamber, remove stopper and squeeze base of valve to release air.

Do not leave inflated after use.

Manufacturer’s Description

Regardless of age, everyone will have to have the ability to swim.
Children in particular will have to be introduced to water as early as conceivable, preferably well before reaching school age.
Early encounters by toddlers to water under adult supervision always help promote confidence and diminish fear and panic which are amongst the greatest causes of drowning.

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Go with the flow bands to be had in 4 sizes, ages 0-12
Buoyancy aid for learning to swim
Flat contoured under arm gusset for comfort
Two air chambers in each band with separate non return safety valves
Made from durable Vylux which isn’t easily torn or punctured

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