Tea Tree Lash Cleanser -Foaming 100 ml Eyelash Shampoo/Wash Eyelash Extension Safe For Daily Use Oil Free With Soft Brush


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How ceaselessly do you wash your lashes/eyelids?

A. Everyday? B. When I needless to say? C. When I am going to bed? D.Never?

You should wash your Lash extensions/Eyelids daily:)

Itchy eyes.

Red eyes.

Improving contact lens comfort.

Tired eyes.

Computer eyestrain symptoms.

Morning eye crusties.

Pink eye symptoms.

Eyelids with eyelash extensions.

Cleaning false eyelashes.

Our cleanser helps to fight Demodex Mites that cause Blepharitis and it is also an excellent eye make-up remover.

Use it before eyelash application to get great retention!

No wish to use a primer as the formulation, which is Paraben Free,

strips away any oily residue and hydrates the lashes at the same time

so you don’t want an alcohol based primer that can dry the lashes.

The Cleanser will not break down the adhesive and the usage of it before eyelash application also helps to get great retention!

The Foaming Eyelid Cleanser is full of natural Ingredients and is also effectively used in the healing process after Microblading or PMU.

We have taken into account factors such as ph,

hydration and oil which are all huge factors that affect the bonding of Lash adhesives in the development of our cleanser

already have quite a few international brands that now utilize our private labelling or white labelling options For customers in the EU who require private labelling,

we also provide MSDS as well as Cosmetic Product Safety reports in the brand’s name.

1–In order to ensure the product can be prepared for eyelash grafting, we found the extract without any oil is the most perfect, we stop to use of tea tree oil, after the long time experiment, we solved this problem, —– tea tree extract , no oil, make eyelashes more refreshing.
2–Suggestions you guys Use our Tea Tree Lash Cleanser.made all by natural Tea Tree Extract Eyelid Foaming,also has multi-purpose, Cleanser to soothe your dry eye and blepharitis symptoms by washing away dirt, bacteria, allergens and makeup residue. Leave your eyes feeling whiter and brighter. Protected to use on eyelids with eyelash extensions.
3–Our products use 100% vegan and gluten-free ingredients, will be more safer and more gentle on your delicate eyelids, also skin around your eyes. NO parabens, NO chemicals, NO alcohols, NO artificial colors, dyes, fillers, or fragrances. IMPORTANT NOT TO CONTAIN OIL.
4–For keep your lash line clean and prevent any bacteria build-up, Blepharitis or any other undesirable eyelid infection, old-fashioned soap and water is not enough.You wish to have Quewel lash Tea Tree Lash Cleanser -Foaming to strip off all oil, and there by maintaining lash and eyelid health,This amazing to effectively remove dirt,oil and makeup It even removes waterproof eye makeup, is formulated to have the same PH, as the eye to minimize and irritation.
* .* Clean Lashes = Healthy Lashes * .*Also we have good after custom service,if you do have anymore problems around quality,please contact us,we will be able to be try our best help you guys fix.