Niimo Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping Multi Purpose Cushion for Nursing Breastfeeding Baby and Maternity Full Body Pillow Support Back Belly Legs for Pregnant Women 100% Cotton Pillowcase Removable


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Size Name:ALPHA | Colour:Grey White Stars

NIIMO nursing pillow and maternity pillow has a shape suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
It is usually made with protected and comfortable materials for baby and for mom. Dimensions: external length of the pillow from extremity to extremity 6ft, 2.5ft cm in circumference in the central part (specially designed for greater comfort.)
The button at the pillow end serves to position the child and prevent it from slipping inside, giving greater stability and security
The pillowcase has an elegant design of a delicate gray with white stars.
Do not miss the chance to make a AWESOME GIFT and at the same time indispensable to relatives or friends.


-Pillowcase: Removable-Washable 30 ° RECOMMENDED WASHING BEFORE USING
– Padding: Washable at 30° (Beneficial use of moderate temperature dryer or professional laundry)
– Maximum length 6ft NOTE: The pillow measures 6ft from one end to the other, is not tall 6ft (look pictures)
-Central circumference: 2,5 ft
-100% GUARANTEED OR REFUNDED with collection and free shipping for the customer.

★ MULTI PURPOSE PILLOW 4 in 1-FOR BABY BREASTFEEDING AND MOM ★ Thanks to the dimensions, The pillow is suitable for maternity pillow, pregnancy pillow, body pillow for sleeping and belly beef up, nursing pillow ,breastfeeding pillow, reflux pillow baby thanks to the button at the end. Moreover, it is an excellent G I F T I D E A given its usefulness!
★PILLOW BENEFITS★ Thanks to its size and composition ✅It reduces the load of the baby’s weight with relief for arms, shoulders and for the mother’s neck ✅ Proper positioning all through the feeding, reduces the tension and pain of the nipples, allowing the baby to attach properly ✅ Help the newborn to stay in the correct position after breastfeeding, avoiding the reflux baby ✅ Use of a lateral pillow to sleep.
★ 100% COTTON REMOVABLE PILLOW CASE★ The pillow is equipped with a 100% cotton pillowcase, Anti-pilling, interchangeable,Removable through a large zipper and washable at 30 °. At all times perfect colors even after many washes. Beneficial washing before use
★ BREASTFEEDING PILLOW PADDING ★ The Multipurpose pillow is made of silicon-coated hollow fiber flakes, a padding that gives considerable advantages: ✅Lightness✅Dry-up fast✅No rustling noise✅ Anti Acarus ✅Anallergic. Also The fiber of which it is composed, gives it the right stiffness and softness ensuring the correct beef up to mom & baby
★ CLOSING WITH RESISTANT BUTTON 2 VARIANTS COLOR, BLACK OR WOOD ★ The button (may also be black or wood color) at the pillow end is very useful to use it as a beef up cushion, to position the baby accurately immediately after eating. Moreover, thanks to its comfort, you’ll be able to comfortably breastfeed keeping your hands free and enjoy this special moment along side your child