Organic Hair Dye – It’s Pure Organics Herbal Hair Colour Dark Brown


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110g pack of hair colour powder is enough for average shoulder length hair. If your hair is thick you will need more, or if it’s fine or layered you’ll need less. Full instructions, latex gloves and cap are included in the packet. The likely colour outcome on different hair colours The resulting colour outcome after using this hair colour does depend on the colour of your hair before using it. If your hair is very light coloured grey or white it may be more of a light brown with one application but you can build up the colour with a second application. If you’re your hair is light or medium brown then it will result in a dark brown. If your hair is already dark brown then it will darken it to an even darker brown. If your hair is a salt-and-pepper mix of brown and white, then you will get an average effect, with the white hair going lighter brown and the dark hair going darker brown. Although we do our best to formulate this hair dye so that you get a good colour, we cannot guarantee the precise colour outcome. This is because everyone’s hair is different, both in terms of the initial hair colour and different hair chemistry, and will take the colour slightly differently.

The first herbal hair dye to be Certified Organic by Soil Association! 100% Organic and Natural ingredients. They are very different to chemical dyes, being a henna based powder which is mixed into a paste with water.
Free of para-phenylenediamine (PDD), ammonia, peroxide, parabens or any other chemicals
This product is suitable for colouring blonde to medium brown hair or grey hair. The darker your initial hair colour the darker the resulting colour will be. It will not lighten your hair.
Gives your hair a wonderful healthy shine and volume.
Very popular for colouring grey hair although the colour may be lighter than dark brown if you have very light grey hair.