INGLOT Illuminators and Luminisers, 100 g



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& # 128156 Inglot | cosmetics | makeup | beauty | Care | accessories and # 128156;
Inglot Cosmetics Cosmetics is has been made by one of the most largest manufacturers on the earth for the the colour. Inglot is built into the with all large events and happenings around the globe, from the bridge of this fashion week to the stage, TV scenes and scenes of Broadway musical theatre.
The International Expansion began in 2006 with the launch of the first franchise in Montreal, Canada. That makes it quick to growth and development of the company led to the brand soon the represented in 80 countries on six continents. Today Inglot has over 600 boutiques {worldwide|around the globe}, Stands and retail locations.
A wide range of colours and a stunning variety of products is something to Inglot unique. The range consists of over 1500 colours with more than 450 options, your lips to support, 600 how you can accentuate your eyes, and over 300 how you can model your face, whilst the rich nail polish collection made from up to 400 tones.
Discover the world of Inglot
& # 128156; Face & Body Skin Care/Primer/Concealer/Foundation/Powder/Blusher/Bronzer/Illuminizer/Multi Use
& # 128156 paint, the eyes – Primer/Eyeshadow/Eyeliner/Eyebrow Mascara
& # 128156; your lips – Lipstick/Lip Gloss/Lip Liner
& # 128156; nail care/basecoat/Nail Polish Top Coat & Diamond Bling Leather Flip Case Cover Nail Polish Remover finishing wipe
& # 128156 brush, face brush/Eye Brush/Lip Brush/Brush Wheels/housing/brushes/brush sets
All Inglot cosmetic products are made in the European Union, one of which are 95% produced in the own manufacturing facility of Inglot.

& # 128156; 3 The Colour Of The highlighter in one product. The colours you’ll use alone or combine.
& # 128156, available in Freedom system, this product will make an Dauernder effect of healthy, radiant skin. Suits any skin type. Available in 4 colour combinations.
& # 128156; adjust the unique freedom allows you products and colours system can also be to mix with, to to create your own palette in almost any size.
& # 128156; detail in the product use with or without box be purchased one at a time.