BROU | 15 Premium Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads | Laundry Bag | Biodegradable | Eco-friendly | Vegan |


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Experience the BROU cleaning pads- the best quality reusable bamboo pads

Behind each and every BROU bamboo cleaning pad lies timeless design and unmatched quality. Made of bamboo, not plastic, eliminates ocean, plastic and air pollution. Also, they look awesome in your bathroom. The BROU reusable pads come with an organic cotton drawstring bag for washing, the pads are very durable and can last as long as 1000 washes. The pads are suitable for all skin types including pets and babies.

You will never return to your old unsustainable single-use products.

DO SOMETHING GOOD, by throwing those single-use cotton rounds away and replacing them with a NATURAL AND 100% BIODEGRADEABLE alternative. That way you save the environment and get well value for your money.

Absolute should-have for any bathroom
The BROU bamboo cleaning pads are waste-free, biodegradable, reusable, antibacterial, beautiful and last much, much longer than traditional single-use equivalents. So stop waiting, get your BROU pads by clicking the “ADD TO CART” BUTTON NOW!

↪ PREMIUM PADS | Beautifully crafted Bamboo cleaning pads from sustainably grown bamboo. Naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and odour resistant. Designed by BROU to fit any modern and eco-friendly home.
↪ REUSABLE | The BROU bamboo pads come with a beautiful cotton washing bag, that ensures protected washing repeatedly. Saving both your wallet and the environment.
↪ ALL SKIN TYPES | The cleaning pads are suitable for all skin types and cleanse both face and eyes, remove makeup, creams and dirt. And are gentle enough for use on sensitive skin, men, woman, babies or pets.
↪ BAMBOO | Bamboo viscose is 3X more absorbent than most cotton and will out survive cotton in keeping shape, strength and durability. All whilst bamboo is self-replenishing and requires 70% less water than cotton.
↪ SUSTAINABLE | BROU is a sustainable way of life brand, that works to bring better and more sustainable products to market. Our products are all plastic free, vegan, sustainable and biodegradable. The bamboo pads comes in 100% recyclable biodegradable packaging. We even PLANT ONE TREE for each and every purchase