Bee Pollen 270g – Raw & Natural Ethically harvested Superfood. Boosts Your Vitality and Immune System. Packaged with Sustainable, Recyclable Materials.


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Our family holds the traditional art of beekeeping through four generations and have more than 80 years’ experience. Our great grandfather farmed around 40 beehives when he set up our first apiary; now we have upwards of 200 beehives!

The beekeeping farm is based in a small village in the south-eastern a part of Slovakia and our beehives are situated in picturesque surroundings at foot of an acacia hill near small river called Ondava. Our bees can harvest bee pollen, honey and propolis from wide variety of wild vegetation.

During the summer we move the beehives to the mountainous area of High Tatras, when the flowers just start to bloom. That way, the bees enjoy ample harvest all through the various year and stay strong and healthy.

Our aim is to enhance your health and well-being by bringing you raw and natural products from bees that are cared for.

The health of our bees is of the upmost importance to us and we operate ethically conscious and sustainable farming methods. We also enhance local forestry organisations who preserve and protect the unique and natural areas ideal for bees.


Bee pollen is pure, natural, unprocessed and a well-balanced source of vitamins, proteins and amino acids. This is because the bees gather pollen from plant anthers and fly it to the hive where the young bees store it in honeycombs for the queen and future generations. Pollen has an essential role in the reproduction of bee colonies as a result of its richness in biologically active substances.

Pollen contains:

  • 30% proteins including 10% of essential amino acids
  • 40% reducing sugars
  • 12% lipids including fatty acids
  • Up to eighteen vitamins – including nearly the entire B vitamins (aside from B12) as well as C, D and E
  • Up to sixty elements including calcium, copper, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, selenium and zinc
  • Phenolic compounds
  • Enzymes

TASTE – Our bee pollen granules are best enjoyed mixed into porridge or cereal, thrown into a smoothie or milk shake or sprinkled over yogurt or fruit. A table-spoon sized portion a day must give you the boost you want! For more ideas check our Instagram @honeytradition.
SUPERFOOD – Boosts immune system and vitality, packed full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, proteins and antioxidants. All of which are perfectly balanced by nature for high absorption into the body to strengthen your well-being. (for more info see Product Description).
HOMEMADE – Our bee pollen granules are plant based and gathered by bees from happy colonies. We harvest ethically and consciously, and all our bee products come from beehives our family have been nurturing for four generations.
RAW & NATURAL – Our bee pollen is unprocessed and does not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives. The Beehives are placed in remote natural areas – deep within forests or across large open landscapes.
SUSTAINABLE – We only use sustainable materials at our family beekeeping farm, plus all our packaging is recyclable. We also enhance local forestry who preserve and protect the unique and natural areas ideal for bees.