Amawrap Newborn Baby Sling/Wrap -Various Colours (Moroccan Star)


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Colour:Moroccan Star

Keep your hands free to get on with your day, even as baby is safe and snuggled against your chest, with this 100% natural cotton wrap. The Amawrap Baby Sling comes with a storage bag and tying instructions, and you are also welcome to go to the Amawrap website for video instructions.

It’s Made in the UK, so You’ll be able to be assured that not only are you purchasing a premium prime quality wrap, but that it was made by adults in fair working conditions.

Dimensions 5m by 50cm.

An Amawrap is the most simple and comfortable way to carry your baby from newborn onwards. One size fits all, no clasps or buckles. Unlike a conventional carrier the weight is distributed evenly over your shoulders, back and torso, so you are going to not feel the entire weight of your baby on your neck.

This baby sling wrap is ideal for parents with back problems, mums who want to breastfeed discreetly on the go, and parents who live in apartments (no need to drag the buggy up and down stairs!) Babies feel so comfortable being in the sling (it resembles the womb as baby is once again in tune with mums breathing, temperature, heartbeat, combined with the rocking motion of mum walking) that they are going to usually fall asleep within minutes of being in there.

The Amawrap has also been a “Hip Healthy” baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, as it also allows for the most spine and hip healthy positioning conceivable. It has been safety tested to the highest standards.

The sling can be folded and put in your bag easily when not in use- it takes very little space.

Lifetime Guarantee

KEEP YOUR HANDS FREE: Get on with your day, tend to the other kids, window shop, or get some work done even as assured that baby is safe and comforted snuggled against your chest.
SUITABLE FOR NEWBORNS: Our wraps are ideal for newborns, as at that point babies thrive the most from the skin-to-skin contact. It can keep watch over their heartbeat and temperature and allow the opportunity to bond completely.
MADE IN THE UK: You’ll be able to be assured that you are using a premium product made on 100% natural cotton.
ERGONOMIC: Amawrap has been deemed “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplacia Institute. The wrap fortify babies legs to the knees, providing a better “seat” for baby, as opposed to some carriers that hold baby by the crotch. The baby’s weight is distributed evenly over your shoulders, back and torso, making it some of the comfortable type of slings for both of you.
SAFETY: Our slings comply with PD CEN/TR 16512:2015. Child use and care articles. Guidelines for the safety of children’s slings