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The beauty of Morocco is legendary, women from across the globe have searched and researched far and wide seeking out the glowing, smooth skin and physical benefits that result from traditional Moroccan rituals. From the lavish mountains of the north, to the scorched Saharan south, the beauty culture of Morocco is rich and diverse. Thanks to the varied people and climates across the country, each area has its own beautifying ingredients, traditions and techniques, suited to the exclusive needs and requirements of its residents.

Every young girl in Morocco will grow up with her mother and piers preparing their own homemade beauty mixturespure Argan and Olive oils, Ghassoul clay, Henna and Rose water are just a few natural staples of their beauty regimes in which mothers would secretly hold and pass on throughout their generations!

In Morocco, the beauty ritual is traditionally a well-appointed and social affair that is shared with mothers, daughters, sisters, neighbours and friends. It’s a sisterhood of moral support, physical, mental and emotional stimulation of the mind and soul.

So, the Hammam (Moroccan public bath, sauna, steam room) is usually where women will get a chance to gather, socialise, recharge their batteries, share tips and scrub each other’s backs etc. Beauty is the intention and purpose, but the beautifying journey with your sisters, itself is an experience beyond description. It’s a refuge of me time, a boost of confidence and self-esteem. It’s a moral support and a woman’s temporary healing of her life’s woes.

From skin brightening clay masks to herbal henna treatments and skin care oils, Moroccan women have curated the most effective and luxurious range of beauty recipes from across Morocco, giving you the ultimate beauty experience, from head to toe.

We here at Azizati health and beauty, hope to continue and facilitate the use of these famous and simple ingredients that make these natural home-made yet effective beauty recipes we grew up with so special and valuable to our Mothers.

Many of us only realise the true value of our mothers when we are blessed in becoming a mother ourselves. We then somehow see what they once saw and feel what they once felt and finally understand how they lovingly formed us into the strong beautiful women we are today. Molding confidence, love and appreciation for ourselves within us as little girls and teaching us natural & effective self nurturing techniques all contributes towards the type of care, love and pillar of support we are towards our husbands, children, families and friends today.

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