Moroccan Kohl Refill Bottle 24g
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Moroccan Kohl Refill Bottle 24g

Slip your eyes into a sophisticated halo of mystery, giving your eyes a deeper smoky effect. This highly concentrated powder glimmers as it emphasizes the eyes and gives them a mysterious depth and luminosity with impeccable hold, good tolerance and long-lasting beauty.


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Category: Makeup Brand: Azizati Type: Vegan

Product Description

Availabale in Black and Blue.

This ancient eye cosmetic is traditionally made by grinding stibnite and/or charcoal for similar purposes as mascara. It is widely used in the Middle East, North Africa, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and Asia as an eyeliner , a contour, an eye shadow to darken the eyelids and as a mascara for the eyelashes. It is worn mostly by women, but also by some men and children.

In addition to being a cosmetic product, kohl has some amazing cleansing properties.

The ancient Egyptians originally used kohl for its medicinal benefits & as eye drops to prevent and relieve eye infections, it also protected their eyes from strong refraction of light that was common in the dessert.

Traditionally, the kohl is applied using a wooden stick called Mirwed.

Directions for Use as an eye liner or eye cleanser:

Gently coat the Mirwed with some kohl powder 

Slip the Mirwed in between the two inner-eye lines, gently close your eyes then starting from the outer end of your eye, softly move back and forth twisting the Mirwed from side to side.

Product of Morocco

100% Organic Natural Product

Hand grinded in Morocco for Azizati health & beauty

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